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How to organize all those baby stuffs and toys

baby stuffs


One of the most overwhelming moments when my daughter turned 2; was to realize a reality: she had more things than me. The amount of baby things like clothes, shoes, toys, diapers, drawings, baby stuffs all in general; the house was 64% she, and the rest of us.

I realized that I had to do something quick or the things of the baby were going to end up burying us; was in the phase of controlled disorder the next step after that point was nothing more than uncontrolled chaos. If you are having trouble handling all of your baby’s things and you feel that the mess will soon get out of hand; then you came to the right article to solve your problem.

Stopping the avalanche of baby stuffs

baby stuffs

[one_half_first]I’m going to give you one of the most valuable tips I’ve ever had in my life and that has to do with babies: never underestimate the speed at which babies grow. And that’s one of the main reasons why we accumulate so much of the baby stuffs. With much enthusiasm people give us gifts and we buy and buy more accessories; clothes, shoes and toys of all kinds. The problem happens when we realize that, after putting on those clothes that we both loved; the next time we try to put it on, it does not fit![/one_half_first][one_half_last][/one_half_last]

Then we are faced with a dilemma, should we buy just the necessary because obviously soon nothing of that clothing will remain; or should we give vent to our imagination and credit card?

It is always good to have choices, baby clothing can be inherited from one generation to another or donated. But not to suffer a chaotic collapse of so many baby things; it is good that we maintain an organization from the first moment.

So let’s analyze the following elements, in every house where there is a baby there must be this; but in addition to naming them, we will tell you how to make the most of them to have everything well organized.

A cabinet with many drawers

baby stuffs

One of the most important pieces in the decoration of the baby’s room, not only because it adds aesthetic and that soft touch to the room; But because its functionality is as crucial as that of the crib.

In addition, over the years a cabinet with many drawers can become an excellent ally for the child and later for a teenager.

But how could you make the most of furniture with drawers? For the secret is knowing how to choose very well; always thinking about the future.

That is why in my opinion the best piece of furniture with drawers that you can add to the baby’s room is the one that can serve as a changing table.

baby stuffs

A spacious space at the top of the cabinet with drawers means that you will not only save money; but you can turn that same piece of furniture into an excellent place to put the toys.

And the best of all is;  that the same piece of furniture can be used by your baby as a hairstylist, even if it is a boy, teach him to take advantage of that space at the top.

If you have a girl then you will have no problem convincing him to add a mirror to the top of the furniture and buy a matching chair with the moldings of the furniture.

No matter if it is metal or wood, the important thing is that it has an average height similar to the island of your kitchen; so you can change the baby comfortably and you will have all the diapers at hand.


One of the biggest reserves you will ever get in your life; it is better always to have them in the drawers ready to be used and; always remember to place the furniture with drawers relatively close to the crib.

Many times you will have to change the sleeping baby. So I do not recommend keeping the diaper reserve in the lower drawers, but in the first or second.

Following this simple technique, you will be able to organize absolutely all the clothes of the baby, your child and later your son and adolescent. Everything from a simple piece of furniture bought intelligently.

Organizing the toys

I have discovered a concept that may not attract much attention. It is true that applying it in all parts of the house is not the most ideal, but a perfect place to implement it is in the baby’s room.

I mean the modular decor.

Just as the babies’ current toys “transform” as they grow to adapt to them; the same goes for decoration.

Many mothers and fathers have come together and thanks to all of them we now have many modular decor ideas. An interactive decoration whose elements remain invisible and only when they are needed come to light.

baby stuffs

It is similar to minimalist decor; only that in truth the function of the modular decoration is not to have just what is necessary, but to have everything but stored in such a way that it seems that there was nothing.

It is very important to teach our children from childhood to keep all their toys after using them; but you must also respect his/her decision to always have a toy or a group of specific toys on hand.

So the first thing that you must have to be able to organize the toys is a trunk.

Classic toy trunk taken to another level!

baby stuffs

The trunk is not very pleasant for the children because in it the toys mix, look disorderly and even seem to suffer. But the concept of treasure chest (in this case toys) is very attractive.

How could you work on this element so that your child respects and uses it? Well, making it bigger! Distributing it in a better way! And that’s where the concept of modular decoration comes in.

baby stuffs

A decoration that your child can modify according to their tastes or mood and still you can maintain order.

Instead of having a large trunk for all toys, take advantage of one wall of the room and create a large set of drawers decorated with your child’s favorite figures. And that each drawer is intended for a type of toys.

I ran with the luck that my baby loves LEGOS, so all this modular shelf takes the LEGO concept. She has fun arming and disarming her “toy trunk” but she already knows that the yellow drawer is for the dolls.

Take advantage of as much space as possible


Surely there will be toys or elements that will be only decorative, for those cases; the best thing you can do is take advantage of the height of the walls in the room.

But heads up!

I recommend that you do not place on high floating shelves or anywhere your child does not reach with his hands; fragile toys or elements that could be damaged if they hit the ground from that height.

That is why it is good to reserve those elements of height for stuffed animals.

Last but not least, teach he/she to donate!

The act of giving someone is one of the most wonderful ways to cultivate the emotional intelligence of our children. Teach him to let go of material things and give them to those who have less possibilities or resources than he.

To never be materialistic. But do not force him to do it, just plan the possibility that to buy a new toy, you need to let others go.

And if you have doubts about how you could organize the rest of things, then let me know to bring you more advice; This time on how to store the items that go inside the diaper.


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