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Tips on Creating a Grown Up Room for a Little Girl


It is time to treat your little girl, your little princess; like a grown up woman. The very first thing that you should do is to prepare her room, because this will be her place of adjustment; the place where she is going to learn how to act as a grown up. Your baby is now a lady so you should make her feel like one.

Therefore, you must make her get involved in the process of choosing the setting. It will be her room and in which she will spend most of her time. You must take into consideration her tastes and needs and above all; make her new room feel comfortable.

The hardest thing for parents is to watch their children grow up fast; hence that is why you should enjoy the decorating process with her.

A Big Girl’s Room

Yes. The little girl of the house grew up, and now she is a young girl, so it’s time to do a complete remodeling to her room.

The first thing you should take into account is what color she wants, and please do not try to impose your tastes, remember; it is her who will be in the room, not you; so think about what color is the most appropriate considering the colors she likes.

[one_half_first]The most important thing is to look for a color that comes in harmony with the furniture of her choice. Whether she goes through the princess phase and want everything pink, or prefer clear colors; until the rebellious phase, it is important to consider what she likes.[/one_half_first][one_half_last][/one_half_last]

The best part of this stage is that together you can investigate trendy colors; for this year Pantone, the expert institute of color; has chosen the 10 spring colors that are perfect for any type of decoration, such as the PANTONE 13-1404 Pale Dogwood; which is perfect for girls who love the color pink, because by its tone recreates a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

But if she prefers a color a little more vibrant, then the PANTONE 17-1462 Flame is indicated. This color is for those people who have a fun, lively personality.

But if the little girl is an innate explorer, then the PANTONE 14-1315 Hazelnut is for her; as this color connects with nature and provides solidity.

Remember that color defines personality, just like style, it is for this reason that both of you must be full in the selection; she to choose and you to advice (but not to impose).

These are just three of the ten colors offered by the expert Pantone Color Institute this spring. But there are many more that can go perfectly with the personality of your not so little girl.

The ideal is to have fun in the process and choose a color that will last in time without needing to be boring.

After you two choose the color, it is time to look for the furniture!

little girl

When you start looking for many people make the mistake of choosing without thinking about the dimensions of the room.

The first thing you have to do is measure the space, and from there choose the size of the bed; in this step is important to choose for a bed comfortable and wide enough as children grow; and it is important to save on this kind of furniture.

At this point it is necessary that you do not give your arm to twist and choose a bed that lasts in time; and which can be modified without having to invest in a large amount of money.

After having these two measures, room and bed size; the rest of the place requires necessary furniture having in mind the space and which would be the most suitable for it.

A point in your favor is if the room is large. But if it is not spacious; then there are ideal furnishing options for smaller rooms; such as those that are organized by stations and come assembled in such a way that everything unites to create a space dream.

For example, a bedside table is something that needs to be inside the room as it will be the bed support. A place where you can set a table lamp suitable for the table and the setting.

Also, a desktop, since it will be her working/studying place; which must have enough storage space and be appropriate to her height.

Do not forget a hair comb; which will be the place for her to store her accessories, so it would be good to have a mirror included to save space.

Now the color of the furniture is also essential!

little girl

When choosing them; it has to be in harmony with the color of the walls.

For example: if you decide on a light color, then the ideal thing is that the furniture is darker with light colored accessories.

However; there is no mistake here, because light colors allow you to combine them with others of their same tone or darker ones. In the same way it happens with the dark colors; you can choose furniture of a tone similar to light colored accessories, or light colored furniture with patterned accessories.

Accessories Must Be Original

little girl

You may have forgotten it, but a young lady’s room is very important to her. So let her decide what she wants her room to have, the cushions, the frames, the curtains, or other decorations; letting her choose can help her to be more independent in life.

In addition to that you can see what kind of tastes she has and help her choosing.

There are many interesting ideas you can use to make her room a sanctuary. Whether hanging lights on the bed, or cushions for the floor is important to keep in mind that everything should work in a harmonious way; so that there is consistency with the rest of the decor.

From princess-style decorations to a maritime theme; the decoration process can make the room of the grown up girl of the house a fun place for her and her friends. Because; yes, get ready. She’ll start having fun with her friends on girls’ nights or pajama parties.

Because of this you take into consideration the need to buy some sleeping bags to be forewarned from these parties that sometimes are usually a surprise; at least for you.

little girl

The transition from a little girl to a young girl is a very important step for any woman.

If she has her own space to be able to go through this growing process then it is a plus that helps a better development in life.

With the ever increasing number of beautification and design possibilities, picking out your little girls’ room decoration can be quite as exhausting as it is exhilarating. In order to make it a little easier, choosing an overall theme for the room is a highly recommended course of action. This will help you focus your thoughts and creative energies.

Grown up girl room

If you are thinking about using a “Grown Up” theme for the room, you are in for a wonderful decorating experience and your daughter will have a wonderful time growing in it. You can characterize the “Grown Up” theme with a more mature version of what your little girl already likes. For example, if she likes light, baby pink colors, you can slowly transition her into a darker, more mature shade of pink. And instead of pink being the major color of the room, you can change it to being the accent color of the room. Remember that the colors you choose will probably dictate the character of the room. Thus all the other decorative elements will greatly be dependent on the color scheme that you will use. Also, don’t confine yourself to just the colors that go into the walls; feel free to include the ceiling when you are picturing the final product of your decorating adventure. It is a distinct possibility that there are colorful designs that look well on the ceiling but might not look as good when placed on walls.

Many people do not understand this, but the room for a girl is more than a sleeping place but a place that represents a million possibilities; because that is where dreams begin to be created.

So give your little girl the opportunity to have the dream room that can be useful for many years, that way she will thank you forever.

Picking out your little girls’ room decoration

The fabrics and furniture would also affect the overall feel of the room. Choose to use more cultured types of fabric like linen and silk. Select a preference based on which one you think best describes the little girl that will be spending most of her time here. On the side of furniture, make sure you purchase quality made items. Double check and make sure that they are sturdy and well built. You wouldn’t want a beautiful chair that can’t hold up to a regular girl’s weight.

Pink girl room

In terms of design, the formal, classic types would be the best choices; work well with the grown up theme that you are using. You can use actual grown up furniture pieces for this part of the room. You can get something from your own room and use it as one of the highlights of your daughter’s room. This could be very beautiful and very sentimental. For accessories, avoid getting the brightly colored cartoon variety. Try to find more “grown up” decorations that would blend well without taking away the fact that this is still a little girl’s room. Use “resized” items like big blankets that are cut down to fit your child or a full comforter trimmed to the size of the little girl’s bed. Finally, remove all the plastic furniture in the room. Nothing makes a room more childish than these bright and colorful playthings.


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