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How to Paint a Mirror?

“How to paint a mirror?” This might be a frequent question you keep asking yourself if you are the kind of person who love to always check your reflection in the mirror. Some people possibly think that these questions might be out of the box but it is really possible if you want your mirror to be out of the ordinary and also be as beautiful as you do.

There are actually several ways to paint a mirror. It is very easy and you can do it yourself. There are some things you can use in painting the surface of your mirror and reviving its old crystal clear reflection. Basically the paints that you are going to use are that of the painting glasses.

Definitely, you would like to get creative and would want to try it, so below are the basic steps to remember on how to paint a mirror.
Decorative mirror
• Be Creative. Choose the design for your mirror.
Make a draft of your design. Every work before starting needs a plan. One advisable way to get creative or to arrive on a good design is to browse on books or any online crafts website. You can get various tips and a wide arrange of ideas in several coffee table craft -books and in any website.

• Wipe it Clean.
Make sure first that the reflective surface of the mirror is free of dirt and grease. You can also use a rubbing alcohol to wipe greases or some suggest in using warm water or vinegar. Because of the natural oils from our hands, it is suggested or you may be required to put on latex or surgical gloves while handling glassware. Your mirror needs to be dry and you can wipe it with a clean cloth or towel.

• Paint It!
You can use markers, acrylics, glass paints, leading strips, artists’ oil or any medium you would like to use. Acrylics and glass paints are the most suggested medium to use on painting on a mirror or to any glass wear because they dry quickly. Allow time to let it dry and there you go, you have your mirror painted. It is suggested that you do not use window cleaner on the painted portions if ever you attempt to clean the mirror as it can damage the paint.
Artistic painted mirror
If you want the paint designs not to be permanent, you can use a pretty mix thick of powdered tempra. It will stick to the glass and can easily be removed either through washing it off with water or through using a scraper. Anyone can paint a window or mirror for any room in your home as long as you read, as long as you are being resourceful – knowing some paintings tip, widening your imagination and engaging to arts. Painting on mirrors is just like basically painting on a canvas that you will certainly enjoy!

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