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Decorating Your Bathroom Mirror with a Twist


Decorating mirrors for your bathroom can be quite difficult if you are a first-timer. Considering that you are just off to a brand new niche, you might want to learn first the craft’s basics, then later, proceed to the actual decorating. First things first – What is your main purpose with your mirror? Is it just simply for decoration? Or is it part of the medicine cabinet? How about the lighting that’s above your mirror, and the other things around your mirror? Consider these and start your project with ease.

Bathroom decorative mirror

Think you’re on the groove for some etching? Well, this is a wonderful idea to start with. However, if you are really into this, you’d better figure out if you really want to leave a permanent etching onto your mirror. To do this, you will need an etching cream, knife, paintbrush, and clear contact paper.

As you decide on the pattern or design you want for your mirror, you may get ideas from the current style of your bathroom. Are you going to paint the mirror? Which colour?Does it have floral prints? Then it might be perfect to draw butterflies and bees along the contact paper and cut the pattern using your craft knife. When already cut, stick it on the mirror and upon following the instructions indicated in the cream, apply it using the paintbrush. Now, the time you have to wait for in removing the paper is based on the instructions too, so you have to read it well and off you go, your personalized mirror is right on your very eyes.

Moreover, if you want to have that classy or antique look on your bathroom mirror, decorating it with a customized frame is definitely a plus. You can plan for this by determining the space needed as well as the lighting you have above the mirror. Seek help from a framing store and let them help you in measuring what is needed for your desired mirror and from there, you can also buy from them the frame materials you need. Now, as you put in the frames, together with the help of the handyman, you also have to note that it also has to be fixed by nailing. As you do so, you may also paint it for a finishing touch.

Modern bathroom mirror frame

To make your mirror look like a spring outdoor window, you might also want to add up some old shutters (available at flea markets) or new ones (found at hardware or supply stores). However, just make sure that you have adequate space to put in these, or you might end up crowding your bathroom. Now, these are just some of the means to beautify your bathroom mirror. Designing it according to your own liking is based on your creativity. To determine the best technique, make sure you have the resources or you have the capacity to maximize whatever you feel is just great for your bathroom mirror.

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