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How to paint a room for the first time?


There are some times where there are some of our friends that are calling us to ask for some help in painting their room, but then, how we can do it if we haven’t done any wall paintings before. Now, we might be wondering how to paint a room for the first time?

Here are some tips on how we can help our friend and be knowledgeable on paint a bedroom.
We, as well as our friend first need to determine our painting needs. We can simply take a good hard look into our friends place and think of what we hope to accomplish using a color or even an accent. If we are planning to lighten it up, we may want to choose an extremely light pastel paints, which is almost look like a white color, but are tinged with another kind of color.

Striped painting

The second step is that, we should know what we are looking for. Some paints come in cans or even in buckets. We are better off buying the ones in the buckets which are usually being premixed and less expensive than others. We just have to let the paint person know at the store on which kind of paint we will need, and for what purpose it may be used. And then, we should fine tune things and choose our friends favorite color. The kinds of paints include the matte, semi-gloss, full-gross, and even eggshells. We can also get to choose from the water or even the oil based type of paint.

The third step is to buy the paint and supplies that we needed. Some of the other supplies which are very essential in painting are the ones that we should be looking for in the painting section such as the primer, brushes, rollers, masking tapes, paint trays, and even some plastic paint drop cloths. Even the bunch of some inexpensive rubber gloves is very helpful too in painting walls. We should purchase all of these things at once if we still do not have any of it in our home, as it would not be a very convenient or even a wise way to go back and get these items on the latter part.

Painting walls

The very last step on how to paint a room would be the painting itself. We just have to make sure that there is a plenty of ventilation in the room before we start painting it. Let us also try to clean the room and sweep the dust as much as possible beforehand. And if there are some outstanding holes or some imperfections in our friends’ walls, it will surely make sense if we are going to spackle it before painting on it to have a crisp and clear painted wall afterwards. And that’s it; we just have to paint the wall equally to have a great outcome.

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