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Paint Walls Using Sponge


The sponge painting walls is a very simple technique that we can make use off to give some accent in any of the rooms in our house. Just as in most of some painting endeavors, the very first step to do is to choose the colors to be use. It is very obvious that we would want to have two colors that will surely complement each other so well. If we are going to use a highly noticeable and striking effect, we might want to choose the colors with a lot of contrast, a fairly dark color, and a fairly white color. We will also need to decide which color to use as our base color, and which color to use as the accentuating color.
Painting with sponge techique
One of the most interesting things in sponge painting walls are that it will surely allow us to use the darker colors than we would normally use. The dark solid color will seem to be oppressive, but with a much lighter layer of sponge painting on its top, we could easily avoid making our room seem to be too dark. But by simply using the dark color on the bottom, it will surely create a totally different effect other than using it as the accentuating color. If we are aiming for a subtle effect, we should choose the colors that are equally light or even dark. One of the suggestions is to use the colors that are only one or two shades different from each other. There are also a lot of specialty paints on the market today which can be used just to create a new look.

The sponge walls requires at least two different colors, but then, we shouldn’t have to stop with those two colors. A lot of the accent layers can be added on the top of its solid base. And once that we already had chosen the colors that we wanted to use for our sponge painting for our walls, we should now start buying a sponge for us to be able to apply it as the accent colors. Most of the paint store stocks some natural sponges that can be used, or we can even use our regular kitchen sponge for this. But before we start our painting, it is such a great idea to test out the sponge technique on a piece of paper first. We should first be able to get a good idea on how the two colors will look together as well as the kind of patterns that our sponge will make.
Wall painted with sponge
And lastly, the applying of our chosen accent colors which is being considered as the fast fun part. We just have to make sure that the sponge that we are going to use is damp. Then, we just have to dip our sponge in the paint, so that all the edges of it will have paint, but then, we don’t have to dunk the whole sponge in our paint. And then, we could now start using it and make a painting in our wall and enjoy each and every second of doing it.

Painting the Walls of Your Room with Style

Decorating the walls in a room is a fun activity that you can plan ahead to make sure that you have the style and the theme that would suit you best. This is the best way that you can personalize your room with the use of the colors and the design that you would want your room to have. This is also the most cost effective way of changing your room’s mood and style because you can easily cover the design if you want it changed. Here are some tips that you can follow for to have a good wall painting finish.

Wine tone painting Before buying any paint, make sure everything goes with each other. Latex paint would not go with enamel-based paint, so never apply the former to the latter. You need a primer first before you can change switch from enamel based to latex paint. Then plan out the theme first and the colors that you would want your room to have. Choose colors of your choice and make sure that they match and the colors for them to match in your room. If you choose to use two or more colors, make sure they compliments each other.

Decorating the walls in a room

Next is to make sure that the room is ready for painting. This is what takes most of your time. Be sure that you protect areas you do not want to accidentally paint on. Use painter’s tape just to make sure that you won’t be leaving sticky residue behind. The painter’s tape is easy to remove when you are done painting. Start painting and learn to appreciate what you have done. Never be too critical of the designs that you made because nobody can make the patterns perfect and let they look exactly the same. It is your room that you are painting anyway and it is the mood that you would want your room to have.
Wall decorated with glass blocks
Be very creative. There are a lot of things that you can decorate a room in a theme that you would want the room to have. For a child to enjoy his room, designs for children like flowers, balloons, animals and the like would surely set the childlike mood in your room. You can also create designs with the use of common household things. You can create marble like prints with the use of rags; you can also make use of sponges, plastic bags, and feathers to create an exceptional design.

Girls room wall decor

The use of these materials and the knowledge on mixing colors would really help you get designs that would give you exceptional results. You do not need to be an expert to paint your walls, all you need to have are the basic knowledge on painting just to make sure you do the painting right. It is just a matter of an artistic idea of what design you want your wall to have.

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