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How to Paint Furniture White? 7 Steps


Furniture is a must for any home. It provides comfort and becomes a useful decor that adds to the beauty of any part of the house especially when they blend in with the theme. These themes vary according to an individual’s taste and the furniture should coincide with these themes to make the place look as one without something standing out. Antiques furniture for the old houses, metallic ones for the futuristic types but commonly houses and other structures are painted white basically because they look good at it. It seems that the house is clean and orderly.

White dressing table
When you have decided to go for the white theme, your furniture must be white too. Yet, be careful when painting different types of furniture, such as wood and upholstered because they require different methods. This article will help guide you on how to paint furniture white, specifically the ones made of wood. One of the most common kinds of furniture today, even in the past, is wood. Wood for materials is readily available and less expensive. But wood furniture easily degrades as time passes. So, painting furniture white is a good way to recycle them. Plus, it would be less expensive than buying new furniture. Following the instructions below would insure a successful finish.

Step 1
Put the furniture on either a bunch of old newspapers or anything to secure that the floor will not be painted as well.

Step 2

Next, separate all the pieces of the furniture. Use a screwdriver to remove knobs and other features attached to the furniture. Put these pieces in a separate place.

Step 3

Sand the pieces of the furniture with a sand paper. Try using a sanding brush for those hard to reach areas. Make sure that pieces’ entire surface has been sand. Use a tack cloth in removing the dusts.

Step 4

Finish the sanding process with a fine steel wool sand paper to provide a smooth surface for the paint.

Step 5
After you are through with the sanding, apply the first coat of the white primer using a paint brush. Make sure you follow the direction of the grains on the surface. When the first coat dries up, apply the second layer of primer.

White bathroom furniture

Step 6
After drying up the second coat of primer, it is time to apply a white semi-gloss paint -has to be latex. Use a paint brush when applying the paint and remember to go in the same direction as the coat of primers which followed the wood grains.

Step 7
To secure and add shine to your furniture, apply the water based polyurethane. After all the pieces have dried up, it is time to put them back together and admire your newly painted white furniture.

Having white furniture to go with our theme would really look wonderful. With the step-by-step instructions above, painting your furniture white would now be a breeze.

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