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How to Protect Wood from Weather


For those of us who loves our garden and patio so much that we always keep them clean, plant new flowers, protecting our plants from weather, and watering them occasionally there are just some things that we also need to give our focus to. Since we love staying in our garden for some peace, quiet, and relaxation, we must also give focus on how we should protect the things were we usually sit, and that is our garden wood furniture.

Since these things are usually out in the sunlight or in the rain, they are often subjected to temperature and moisture extremes. When properly cared for, garden wood furniture can last several years and still looks nice and presentable. However, if wooden furniture is not protected then it may fade and crack over time as moisture and UV rays take their toll. So how do we protect our garden wood furniture? How do we make it last for the years to come? How do we do it without spending too much money?

• Wet sponge in soapy water
Clean your wood furniture thoroughly from all the grime that had came up like dirt, tree sap, small leaves, etc. rinse it all with a garden hose and let it air dry. Bird droppings, tree sap, and other substances may stain the furniture if it isn’t well cleaned.

• Spread waterproofing wax or gel
Using clean cloths, spread waterproofing wax or gel into your furniture. Make sure that the wood is dry first before doing so and that the waterproofing formula is specifically made for wood. For most products, apply waterproofing formula to a cloth first and then rub it into the wood one section at a time. Apply gloves before doing so.

• Use wooden furniture covers
Cover your wooden furniture most especially during rainy weather. Even after you have waterproofed the furniture, this is an important step to protect the wood from excess moisture. Furniture covers also come in various sizes.

• Keep the furniture covered at the end of the season
Store it in the garage as well. Since our homes are climate controlled, it will be better if you’ll store your furniture inside. If you live in a country or region with harsh winters, this is an important step to take. A second option for this is a garage, if you don’t have much room inside your home anymore. This will at least protect the furniture from the winds, rain, sleet and snow.

Taking care of our outdoor wooden furniture is as important as taking care of the plants in our garden, and our indoor furniture as well. We should always keep them presentable and in good shape so that their beauty can be retained for a very long time.

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