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How To Repair Rattan Furniture


Rattan furniture are lovely. Its charm comes from its being ethnic-looking and exquisite. While a piece of rattan furniture is mostly used as a centerpiece and as a highlight in a room, it is now coming out of its shell and taking over the limelight. These days, it is not unusual to see a home themed with rattan.

Although rattan furniture would seem suited best to be placed outside the garden or the patio, fact is, rattan furniture would be best kept indoors to be preserved beautifully. Being exposed to sunlight would speed up the bleaching of the rattan’s natural color, leaving the furniture looking dull. The rain would also affect the life span of your furniture.

While naturally beautiful and physically durable, natural wear and tear can weather and run down your beloved rattan furniture. Here are some tips on how to take care of and repair rattan furniture.
The key to bringing back to life your rattan furniture while repairing it is in smoothness of the surface of the furniture. A smooth surface would ensure that the primer and the paint or varnish would stick nicely to the furniture. To repair rattan furniture, you will need to wear a dust mask as this might turn out to be a dusty task. Also, it is ideal to wear something to protect your eyes like goggles or glasses to make sure you don’t sting your eyes with particles coming off when sanding.

Begin the task by sanding the furniture with a sand paper. It is done and ready when you no longer feel rough patches in the furniture while running your hands over it. Then, wipe the rattan thoroughly with a clean cloth making sure it has no dust or dirt left on it.The next step is to spray the primer on top of the furniture, making sure the whole lot is covered. Let primer dry. Spray with topcoat of paint or varnish. Let dry. Your rattan furniture is now reincarnated and is as good as new!

A little trick to repair cracks and small dents is to apply the area with boiled linseed oil, while this will not repair the damage, this will cause the rattan to slightly swell, instant filler, making the cracks less noticeable. Liquid stains are best to rid off right away because when liquids leave a mark in rattan furniture, after a while it is next to impossible to be removed. To get rid of the stain, use a harsh cloth with a bit of detergent, rubbing off the stain.

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