How to Paint Rattan Furniture?

Do you love buying furniture and eventually hate it because of its disgusting color? You want to make it more inviting but you don’t know how to paint rattan furniture? Well then, this article is for you.
Rattan is durable and it will last for about fifty years if this will be taken care of properly. Rattan furniture can enhance any room; however sunlight can be its worst enemy. The natural and gentle rattan can bring peace and harmony of nature into our houses as part of your balanced, holistic lifestyle. The following are helpful and easy steps to turn the disgraceful into elegant and beautiful furniture.

Rattan armchair

• Collect supplies. You can use regular brush but sponge brushes are going to work better because they distribute the paint thicker and can be jammed between the rattan’s crevices. You can also use spray paint but a can of paint is going to be better because of the cost and ability to pile on thick sections of paint where the rattan is ornate. If you want to paint outdoor furniture, it is advisable to use paint that is waterproof and can stand up to the elements.
• After gathering the supplies, you can now prepare the furniture. This preparing includes sanding any rough edges, repairing any fractured legs and wiping or hosing off any dust and debris. You may also paint the furniture using a paint primer if you think your paint was not good enough.
• Start painting. Start from slathering generous amounts of paint with a sponge brush on all the larger areas, like the arms, legs and supports of the furniture. Make sure that you put a paint that is thick enough to cover any vestige of the old color but not so thick that it congeals in unsightly gobs.
• Continue your painting and fill in the smaller, more ornate areas. This process requires more patience because these areas will become very obvious one you’ve got the base painted and the old color screams through in the more detailed regions. Scan the parts, even the hidden and smallest parts. Usually, if you paint rattan furniture, there are some missed parts. Patiently, you should apply your paint again to these areas that requires sponge brush.
• Lastly, take a look at the furniture from a distance and check how shiny your furniture is.
Rattan table

With these six simple steps, you will be able to know how to paint rattan furniture. The uninviting furniture will transform into graceful one. Moreover, if you want other style, you can apply different colors just like rainbow. Rattan furniture will last if you will take good care of it, keep your Rattan furniture out of direct sunlight, and take precautions such as sun filtering blinds or room darkening shades. In addition, do not use water when cleaning your Rattan furniture.

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