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How to repair termite damage


Termites are just some of the worst enemies that you can encounter in your home. Many houses nowadays are already made of concrete, but some of the inner or outer designs of other homes are made up of wood. Having termite damage on these precious homes would be the last thing any home owner wants to think of. But if the horror had already come past, you generally have no other choice but to face and repair termite damage.

Assess the level of damage that has been done to the house. Are the critters just at the initial stage? Are they planning a major offensive on the largest wooden areas of my home? Are they already preparing for the invasion of your home’s very foundation? We would need a proper intelligence report about their actions in order for us to mount the best counteroffensive and ultimately repair termite damage.

If their forces have just finished settling their base camps into your home as small trails of termites, then it would be the best move to bolster our defenses as early as possible. Apply a special liquid substance to the wood that will enable it to harden and make it impervious to their deadly jaws. There are many commercially available products out there is specifically made to do this, and luckily it just takes a short trip to your local hardware store to secure your wood’s tactical positions.

If the wood has already suffered damage, try to chip away the damaged parts using a chisel or anything that can be used to poke out the areas where the termites have advanced their forces. Use this strategy only if the entire wood is still fully functional after removing the damaged parts.

After removing the damaged part, use a wood filler to reestablish woods defenses back into position. After applying the wood filler, use a sandpaper to scrape of the irregular areas and mold it to return the wood to its original shape before the termite assault. It is recommended that you use a paint that matches the paint used around the area to completely remove evidence of damage.

If the termites have dealt a significant amount of damage to the wood, then it’s best that you retire it out of its position. Cut the damaged wood out of its place using a saw, cut a small part around the undamaged wood, to ensure that no damaged wood remains. Now replace that wood with another block of wood of the same size, and hammer or screw it into place. You can use several small pieces of wood instead if needed.

Remember, if your home is made of wood., or has a significant area of it made of wood, then its best that you remain vigilant for these little critters at all times. It is generally easier to pound them away before they can even position their forces, rather than replacing the losses after they had already mounted an offensive

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