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How to Stop Bathroom Odor?


Bathroom is perhaps the most critical part of the house that needs our attention. Some people say that you can see the personality of a person by just merely checking its bathroom. Surely, you wouldn’t want to give negative impressions to people right? Therefore, why not check your bathroom now? It is very distressing to walk into your bathroom and smell an upsetting bathroom odor. Having a plain dirty bathroom with clogged drains, mold and mildew, plus a kitty litter box are some reasons why this problem happens. Here are some tips and suggestions on how to stop bathroom odor.

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If the bad odor is a result of a dirty bathroom, simply clean the whole place. Wipe any moisture away from the areas using some paper towels. These areas include the floor, heater vent near the toilet, and of course, the toilet in general. You can use all purpose cleaner detergents in spraying the affected area. This type of cleaner disinfects as it thoroughly cleans. Do not intend to mix ammonia and bleach together. Use this on your floor, tiles, toilet, sink, bathroom ceiling, walls and bathtub. Wipe it using paper towels until it becomes visibly clean. Pour a few drops of an appropriate fluid mixture such as chlorinated hydrocarbon. It contains a small amount of a volatile fragrant fluid added to water in a toilet bowl prior to the use of the toilet. Spray sand odor remover in the areas you just cleaned.

Below are also tips given to get rid of the bathroom bad odor. The simplest and easiest way to eliminate unwanted odors is to light a match. It is proven that flame would burn up the unwanted bathroom odors. Use air freshener sprays, plug-in air fresheners and light scented candles. Aside from their fragrant scents, the flame will burn the unwanted smell. Install your fan because it will blow the exhaust. For eliminate mold and mildew from tile grouts, simply spray one part bleach and five parts water onto them and repeat until they disappear.

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Unclogging your drain is a good preventative tip that has to be done every after three or four weeks. Pouring a cup of baking soda down your drains and then a cup of white vinegar is the easiest way to unclog it. If your drain removes the water slowly, plug the overflow openings and then apply plunger. If you are sure that your drain is clean but still emits an odor, pour vinegar or bleach down the drain.
If the unwanted smell came from a cat litter box, simply rinse the litter box and pour some white vinegar on the bottom of it to help stop the odor. Leave it for at least fifteen minutes then rinse it with cold water and dry using paper. The vinegar can neutralize the smell of ammonia and the baking soda that controls odor. The simplest way to stop bathroom odor is to clean the whole area. Seeking for information is the best way to avoid these unwanted smells. People keep on looking for ways on how to stop bathroom odor but the truth is that every individual in the household is one best tool in maintaining its cleanliness. Bathroom also known as comfort room should be a comfortable place as the word implies.

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