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How to Clean Tile Grout in Bathroom?


A bathroom is an important part of the house and it is considered to be dirtiest therefore maintaining its cleanliness is a must. We usually coordinate it with hygiene- it is a place where we take a bath, brush our teeth and do our “other business” to get ourselves clean. Depending on the cultural context, it has different definitions. Some sees bathrooms as a sacred place, purifying both souls and body. Throughout ages, bathroom has become an evolving place in the house; from simple looking and simple toiletry function up to the full “bath and toilet” bathroom function today. Usually, a modern bathroom is floor and wall covered with tiles. Tiles for bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes, all patterns and textures. Installing bathroom tiles can give your bathroom a sophisticated look; thus, maintaining its cleanliness regularly is suggested.

Cleaned bathroom tiles

The problem with bathroom tiles is when it gets really dirty. You can see discoloration or you can find mold and mildews usually growing on tile grouts. Exposure to water, moisture and other substances such as soap can trigger the growth of mold and mildews and the tile grout is the first breeding ground of bacteria. They are health hazards, known to cause respiratory problems. Grout is a type of plaster which fills the cracks between tiles and it is what usually keeps the tiles together. Cleaning a tile grout is easy; you might get surprise that you might have the proper ingredients stored in your cabinets. Below are some helpful tips on how to clean tile grout in bathroom:

• Baking sodas
This household item can help solve your problems. You can make a baking soda paste and with a bit of water you can clean your grout. Put the baking soda paste over the dirty grout and you can use a damp cloth to wipe dirt away.

• Vinegar
Vinegar is another useful household item for zapping grout dirt away. Using vinegar to clean tile grouts requires the same process. Vinegar is a very cheap and the best part, it is non–toxic.

Moldy bathroom tiles

• Bleach
Make a bleach solution. Mix one part of bleach and one part of water in an empty spray container. Start your spraying on the affected area. You should however do this during the time when people are less likely to frequently use the room. Before retiring in the evening can be the best time to do it. Spray on grouts using this solution at least one to two times per week to prevent mold and mildews growth.

• Use cleaners available in the market.

You can purchase hydrogen peroxide in the pharmacy; mix it with water and you’ll have a hydrogen peroxide solution. You might want to try checking for some cleaning tools that can scrape dirt from your grout.

Once your grout is clean, it is advisable that you apply a grout sealer to maintain fresh looking tile grouts.

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  1. The cleanliness of the bathroom is a very sensitive area because there’s nothing worse than going to somebody’s house, using their bathroom to find that there is a terrible older off the toilet. It really puts people off. Thanks for the advice on cleaning materials for the bathroom especially the hydrogen peroxide.

  2. I enjoyed this post! It was very informative and interesting. Thanks for sharing it. Keep up with the good work!

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