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How to Stop Dog from Urinating on Furniture


It is common for a dog to put marks on furniture. It doesn’t matter whether that dog is well-trained or old. Dogs, especially the male ones, tend to pee on your furniture whenever they feel like doing so or they just learned that it is a new object in your house. If you are having this problem, read along to know tips on how to stop dogs from urinating on furniture.

• Clean the area.
Upon discovering that a dog urinated on your furniture, clean the area immediately. You should be able to remove the smell of the urine, not only to get rid of unwanted smell inside your house, but for the dog not to be attracted to that spot once in a while. In cleaning, avoid using products that have a smell that resembles that of urine just like ammonia which can only magnetize your dog back to the furniture.

Bars to keep dogs on their place

• Use spray repellents.
Take note that the strongest sense of a dog is smell. You can check your favorite stores for spray repellents that can make your dogs keep away from your furniture. Whenever they feel that there is a strong bad smell on the furniture, they will surely go away from that area.

• Command the dog.
It will not be difficult to train dogs if you will take a shot. Take simple commands into consideration like “Don’t potty there!” or “No potty, doggy!” every time you shoo the dogs away from your furniture. If the peeing occurs a lot of times, and the dogs learn to listen to your command, there is a big chance that they will no longer urinate on the areas you are protecting.

• Create distractions.
Whenever you see the dogs peeing on your furniture, make a move on creating distractions for them to stay away from there. Try a whistle and beckon them to you. If this always becomes their habit, they will learn how to leave that spot.

• Potty train the dog.
Just like a child that is growing up, your dogs should at least be taught how to pee on the right place. This can happen if there is that right place in your house. You can specify an area wherein they can urinate outside. Do not have a toilet for them inside your house so that there will be no repugnant smell.

Pretty puppy

• Give rewards as encouragement.
If the dogs learn how to pee in their designated area, reinforce them positively. While detaching themselves to your furniture, they will be encouraged to follow what you want when it comes to their hygiene, especially when you give them some kind of rewards. Always smile and give them some food as a reward whenever they urinate on the right spot.

• Relieve the depression of the dogs.

If the dogs are attached to you that much, do not leave them for so long so that they will not be depressed and disobey your commands about their hygiene. When your attention, or even the slightest of your smell, is missing in action, this can bring about anxiety to them. Always make sure that you leave an object near them that has your scent. This can comfort them and make them think that you are still around.

Take into consideration the mentioned tips on how to stop dogs from urinating on furniture to encounter no more problems regarding their hygiene. Keep your house always clean so that people and pets living there can live harmoniously.

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