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How to take care of black hair


The overwhelming majority of all the people in the entire world have black hair (with only Europe as the continent with the most number of people without black hair). It is widely viewed that black hair is the original hair color of the homo sapiens. Black hair is different from other kinds of hair in so many ways. They have their own luster and brilliance when it comes to its aesthetic properties, and black hair can sometimes dictate your nationality when paired with all of your other physical features. Along with these differences though, comes the difference in maintenance. There is a significant difference if you want to take care of black hair, like all the other hair types as well, and we are here to tell you some of its secrets.

Hairs a made up of fine single strands bundled together, and I know everyone knows that already. The thing that we forget to point out however is that hair is also much like fibers in a cloth. So, if you want to take care of black hair, you must first treat them like fibers in a piece of clothing. Treat it like a silk robe, shiny, elegant, beautiful, and most of all, fragile. Building determination and dedication are some of the things that you have to do first before you finally start maintaining your beautiful black hair.

Reduce the tangles of your hair in the morning in any way that you can. This includes tying it, plaiting it, wrapping it up with a cloth and so on. The technical reason for this is that you would have a less hard time in arranging your hair the next morning. This also greatly reduces the chance of your hair breaking, easily reducing the effort needed to do other hair maintenance procedures. Choosing a fabric that can reduce hair friction against the pillow like satin can also help a lot.

This can be quite unusual for some people to hear, but you actually don’t have to wash your black hair ever so often. A few soaps and even commercial shampoos have what we call glycerin, a thick colorless compound. Glycerin is a highly hygroscopic compound, which means that it absorbs water quite well. If you use cleaning products that have glycerin, you might want not to use them ever so often. While glycerin with water promotes moisture to the body, too much glycerin over water will actually dehydrate you skin and hair. Keeping your hair clean is very good, but keeping it moist enough should be the better priority.

A well-balanced diet can also help your hair keep its brilliance. Choose a diet that is rich in protein and vitamins, as these can reinforce your hair’s overall durability. You can also go for supplements if you want a more specific and pin-point way to infuse these much needed protein and nutrients into your hair.

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