How to take care of bonsai trees

The tradition of bonsai trees is an ancient practice that came from the Japanese. During those times the art of taking care for these seemingly miniature versions of trees are reserved for the elite class, and most especially for the feudal samurai class. It is often considered as a form of art, and commonly symbolizes the graceful and elegant aesthetic skill of these mighty warriors. Today, it is a practice that well known around the world, and we are now here to show how you can take care of bonsai trees.

To start off, bonsai’s like any other plant, also needs all the other essential things normal plants need, water, nutrients, sunlight. Watering bonsai highly depends on the current season. You may have to water these plants everyday during summer, and you sometimes need to leave the bonsai not watered during winter. Sunlight is of course very welcome, but you may have to move it in the shade if it gets too hot. A healthy does of good nutrients take regularly can also keep your bonsai well throughout the year. For people who don’t like high frequency maintenance, they may opt for fertilizers in pellet-form, which can last for several weeks due to its slow nutrient release process.

But the main highlight in taking care of bonsai is the pruning sessions. When we say the word “pruning” in bonsai trees, we usually refer to the clipping action the gardener does to beautify and customize the bonsai according to his or her own preference. Aside from this purely aesthetic statement however, pruning is also well used to enhance or inhibit growth on a specific area. You can prune a bonsai to undergo a specific growth pattern, and you can inhibit growth of areas which would just ultimately stunt the growth of the tree as a whole. The best time to prune a bonsai tree is during its growing season, but apart from this you also need to know the type of bonsai plant that you are growing to ensure that you are not just inhibiting its overall growth.

Lastly, aside from pruning, some bonsai also needs to be wired. While some view this as a purely optional activity, others view as a necessity for their bonsai trees to grow. It is true however, that there are only some specific types of bonsai that actually need any wiring. There is a common misconception that bonsai trees need to be wired in order for the tree not to grow larger than what the owner intends to. This is not the true, because the actual purpose for wiring bonsai trees is simply to keep their shapes intact, or to let the bonsai grow into a shape of their liking. If you intend to take care of bonsai trees by wiring (check first if they need wiring), then keep it in a way that it still matches the natural curves of the tree. You risk breaking the tree if you force it in a direction in which it cannot go smoothly.


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