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Setting an oriental decor tone on your place


Tired of the same old style of putting your things in order? Perhaps adding some spice to your way of decorating and interior designing could dramatically put more elegance in the design of your home or office. If you are fond of travelling, you might be familiar to different decoration styles of different cultures. One of the most artistic among those is the oriental décor by which the Asians are artistically inclined to. Asian interior decorating does not only sweep sophistication, but also blends in tranquility in art and furnishings. The very core of this is the idea of keeping every furniture and space simple and organized. Take note that making a place roomy is a good Feng Shui; more energy and affluence are being generated to its occupants.

Indonesian wood furniture

The following are decorating tips that will surely set the tone of pleasurable Asian style decoration:

• In pursuit of an excellent and attractive décor, nature is something that should be taken into consideration. Oriental décor is influenced by what people see (southwest style), feel, and experience on their surroundings. A good way to highlight this factor is the use of bonsai trees and other plants or indonesian furniture. In the same degree, the element of water is essential. You can make use of indoor water fountains and other mechanisms that engineer water stream which emphasizes the flow of life and the flow of our daily providence. The sound that the flow of water produces creates a positive sensation and a refreshing aroma.
• To fashion enhancing effect in any room, use Oriental or bamboo rugs. The use of floors which are made of hardwood can look remarkable, but it should be placed into thinking that the foundation of Oriental decors especially in Asian interiors is the covering of the floor.
• More space. It is evident in Asian culture that the weighing up of breathing space is important. You can use room dividers to make the illusion of more space. Shoji screen is another option. Doors with this kind of screen are usually designed to be slid open to conserve space. This is traditionally used in Japanese-style rooms and is perfect on hiding distasteful corners.
• Color is also vital. The prominent characteristic of asian décor is the drawing on of bold colors. Red can be normally seen in wall art, carpets and other items. Besides black and brown, other vivid color like green makes this décor more stylish. Green paints serenity in as much as how plants like bonsai trees set indoor give way to a natural look.

If in case you are actually into Oriental style but stick to inexpensive furnishing, you can mull over adding a few touches of Oriental flair. Collecting oriental scripts from newspapers and magazine is one thing. Typically, there are free papers in the Oriental market but spending a little can add more to it. Wrap particular boxes or corners with this kind of paper. So as to make the paper durable, cover it with tape as lamination after wrapping.

Why not learn origami craft paper? You will not only have fun putting more color to your lace but will also tone personal tastes. A group of origami paper birds hanging from the ceiling is a perfect output.
You can make use of fabric, porcelain and tea sets to heighten the Oriental décor feel. Always keep in mind that above all of the guidelines you can learn from anyone or anywhere regarding decoration, it is what you want that will elevate your eagerness to design in your own approach.

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