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Improve Your Home and Increase Its Resale Value


If you are planning to sell a house that you have purchased, you can actually increase the resale price of the house by improving some of its parts. Here are 5 of the important parts of the house that you can update for you to get a higher value for the house.

The Exterior of the House
The exterior of the house is what the buyer will initially see. It would be a very nice idea to give the exterior an upgrade that would make the house look good and somewhat new. This is where the excitement of the buyer becomes aroused when they like what they see on the outside. Give the yard a welcoming look by assuring its cleanliness and well-maintained plants if any. Have the lawn grass well mowed. Adding beautiful flowers on the lawn will make it more welcoming.

The Kitchen
The kitchen is up next. This is the first part of the interior that the prospective buyer may want to see. This is one area of the house that is a special part of our daily lives especially with women and this is a determinant of some why they chose a certain house. Make the kitchen appear lighter by giving the cabinets a light colored paint. This would also make your kitchen look more open. Change the sink. If the sink is the old basin one, you should change it into the double sink. This is the focal point in your kitchen and should have the modern touch serving a practical purpose. Then give your counter surface a greater look by applying catalyzed epoxy. This treatment will give your countertop a new look with a textured surface.

Wall Treatments
Walls may look worn out over the years and repainting will just do the job to make it look new and perfect for purchase. If your walls have holes, patching them up would be a great idea. Caulking the cracks would smooth your walls. Painting your walls using two coats would give it the new look that you would want to achieve. Add more art to the wall with cornicing and wood trim. Or, you can add decor that your prospective buyers may like, like lithographs or framed landscape paintings.

Cleaning the Floor
The floor is another determinant in increasing the resale value of the house. No matter what your floor is made of, you need to make sure that it is clean. Placing clean carpets will impress your prospective buyer of how the house was well maintained. However, if the floor is totally worn out, you can hire professionals to do the repair for you. This will be an investment that you can make for you to increase the resale value of the house.

Change the Switches and the Outlets
Outdated switches and outlets may discourage your prospective buyers. However, this can easily be remedied by replacing the outlets and the switches yourself. There are do-it-yourself instructions that you can follow. However, in changing the switches and outlets there is one rule you must not forget, which is switch off the power first.

These are the five areas in your house that you need to update if you are targeting a higher resale value of the house that you will be selling. Good luck!

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