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Amazing Decorating Ideas for your Entry Way


Your house says a lot about you. The way you represent your house reflects the person that you are. If your home is dirty and cluttered all the time, chances are, people will have the impression that you are not particular with cleanliness. But if your house is well decorated, it would only show that you give value to your own well being and to the improvement of your home. Hence, take into consideration your entry way in designing your house.

The first thing that people see is the entrance to your home leading to your receiving area. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an impact to your visitors at the mere entrance of your home? Of course, you don’t need to have expensive and elaborate easy entryway decorating ideas. Simple decorating ideas can actually give a good impression on your visitors. You could work on classic designs or you may choose based on the season or holidays perhaps. Here are some suggestions.

• Let us start at your door. It is easy to decorate it if there are occasions such as holidays or New Year. However, during ordinary days, think of some décor that are subtle but elegant as well. You could use a flat angel figurine to hang on your door or if you are big on chimes, you could choose to hang a good wind chime on your door. You could also have a door screen. You could even have side curtains if your door is large such as two-paneled doors.
• There are houses that have a narrow path towards the receiving area. You could choose to place live plants on a pot or other designs. Make sure that the hallway is well lighted so that your guests would see these live plants. Also make sure that the plants are well maintained by placing them on sunlight at least a few hours a day. You could even buy synthetic plants if you want them to be low maintenance.
• If the hallway is too narrow that placing potted live plants is not feasible, then you could just place paintings or wall pictures on the wall. Avoid placing decors on the floor because people trip over these decors. Lighting is also important especially that the hallway is too narrow.

• If your path towards the reception area is large enough to placed intricate decors, then you could place vases or ceramics towards the reception area. You could also infuse easy entryway decorating ideas that come into your mind. All you need is creativity and imagination in coming up with these easy entryway decorating ideas.
• Of course, if there are holidays, you could use this as a theme for your entryway decors. A dancing Santa Claus or plastic reindeers would work wonders for your home as it implies a festive mood.
• Work on your visions as to how you see the design. These are mere suggestions and if you have more ideas, you could work on it. You would see that yours is unique once you done with the decorating.

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