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Interior design for church sanctuary


A church or temple sanctuary is the consecrated area around its tabernacle or altar. Christian churches were sometimes built on land and that place was considered as a particularly ‘holy spot’. There are churches that are known in their interior designs, aside from being sacred. The Saint Peter’s Basilica in Rome and Saint Albans Cathedral in England, which commemorate the martyrdom of Saint Peter, and Saint Alban, are the well-known places where a miracle or martyrdom had taken place or where a holy person was buried respectively. Therefore, the place where the church built was considered to have been made holy by what happened there.

Church vitreaux

Shaping the worship space layout on your actual style of worship is the key step in creating church sanctuary interior design. Sometimes, designing a new church from scratch often costs less than taking someone else’s design and modifying it for your needs. There are often cases that church boards toured many other sanctuaries, added their design ideas to their new church to only learn later that they copied the same mistakes.

It is usual that church sanctuary undergo renovations and remodeling projects. There are companies that provide sanctuary renovation services for either small or big chapels. They also provide a relaxing and solemn interior design for church sanctuary. These designs are applicable from its ceiling, to its windows and walls and down to flooring. For simple design, cross-bracing in the ceiling creates a simple but beautiful rhythm. And the diagonal tiles can be used for flooring; it matches the simplicity of the ceiling. Steel or brass can help the design look more elegant and more luxurious.

Using a hallow clay tile surmounted by a roof of red Spanish tile for walls can be. You can layer the walls with stucco or covered by plaster, marked off while still wet by Italian artisans to create the illusion of limestone block construction. The color of interior church was the same as limestone color. One of the tips in designing the interior church sanctuary is the chancel window, upon entering the sanctuary it is the first thing that will meet their eye. Its expanse extends behind the chancel from ceiling to floor and from side to side catching a radiant morning sun gleaming through myriad of crystal colorings and sparkling gems.

Church dome

The brilliant colors excite varied aspects of the spirit: white for purity, green for life, blue for infinitude, yellows for zest and labor, grays for difficulties, purple for loyalty and royalty, red for sacrifice. The huge area of red is central to the whole – at the center of all life stands the sacrificial love of God in Christ. The Window in the spirit of worshipful inquiry it induces response in the soul as though by a magic touch, but it is not magic. By this majestic piece of art spirit meets Spirit and meaning stirs in heart and mind.

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