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The basics of interior designing


Whether you are building a new home or redesigning an old one, it does not hurt to learn a little bit about interior designing. It is best that you at least know the basics. There is no place like home, so better build the one that you will truly love. Designing your own home requires creative thinking, careful planning, and research.

Your Ideal House
It is important that you have a good picture in your mind of the kind of house that you would like to have before you start an interior design training in your home. One of the first things that you need to do is to determine the size of your house, the color, the spaces, and the formality of the house. Doing a little bit of research before you start building your dream house can come very handy as you go along with your project. You can start off your research by reading some magazines that feature different interior designs or home designs. You can cut off some pictures that you like and put them in a scrapbook; in that way you can put some notes or comments on the sides and you can use it as a reference when you are already building your house. You can visit model homes or tradeshows as well for homeowners to check out the different styles and trends in interior designing so that you are sure that your house will not look dated.

The Formality and Size
First, determine the formality of your house. Do you love entertaining large groups or do you want to keep things private? Once you have determined this, you can now plan on how big your rooms should be and how you are going to organize them. With the size of the house in mind, you can now decide on the colors that you can use inside and outside your house, the types of furniture you can use, the furniture placement, etc. Don’t forget the outside of your house and the garden decoration. The style of the outside of your house should compliment the inside of your house.

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The Color

It is important that you know how colors work and how to use them. You can start by using a color chart for painting. Through a color chart you can decide whether you would like to go for a monochromatic scheme or complimentary scheme. Determining the color that you should use in a room depends on the feel that you want to convey. As a rule of thumb, using one color group creates a feeling of harmony and continuity. While using too many colors create an abruption in the mood and space. Using one color group may seem limiting, but you can enhance the room by using different textures and tones.

The Space
Before you arrange the furniture, organize the proportions of the spaces in your house. Ideally, you would want your house to appear spacious as opposed to cramp. You can create a feeling of a large space in your house by using lighter colors, using one color group, and by using large mirrors. Other things to take note of are allotting space for furniture against the wall and for movement around it and avoiding furniture of the same height and width.

These are just the basics of residential interior designing. You can invest on computer softwares and house designing books to help you with the complex parts of interior designing.

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