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Keeping bathrooms tidy


Bathroom cleaning and improving can be one of the strenuous necessary tasks that must be done at home. Yes it must be and necessarily done so you don’t have any choice but to move. But worry free since here are some tips that will help you reduce and eliminate the stress that bathroom cleaning can caused you.

Toilet Clean-up:

The most undesirable activity but must really be done is the toilet cleaning. Toilet cleaners can be purchased in supermarkets or hardware stores or you can use chlorine bleach solutions. Always bear in mind to wear gloves and eye protection during the cleaning. Focus on stains and make sure to rinse thoroughly the areas applied by the cleaners. Remember not to mix ammonia based products since this can release toxic gas that can be harmful and dangerous to your health.

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Bathroom Showers:

Keeping the glass enclosed showers can be hard. Glass doors and walls can be cleaned using a sponge dipped in white vinegar. This will help remove any water deposits and in keeping your glass walls and doors sparkling. If you have tiled walls, removing stains can be done easily by running the hottest water temperature and soaking the walls. Through the steam, the dirt in tiled walls will loosen so it will be much easier for you to remove the stains.

Before cleaning the bathtub you must first determine what it is made of. It is important and necessary because you might be able to use a product that will damage and destroy you bathtubs. If your bathtub is made of acrylic or fiberglass, it’s best to use commercial fiber-glass cleaning product or a non-abrasive liquid cleanser. You can apply this through a damp sponge and rinse well with water. If your bathtub is made of porcelain-on-steel or porcelain-in-cast-iron, a non-abrasive powder or a liquid cleaner is best use here.

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Mirrors and Countertops:
Hairsprays and toothpaste are two of the substances that can make your mirrors and polished door handles filthy and messy. You can purchase glass cleaners in the supermarket of hardware stores. If you don’t have any you can mix the vinegar with warm water and this will surely keep you mirrors sparkling and filthy-free.

White Sinks:

If the bottoms of your sinks are starting to get dirty, all you have to do is whiten them with the use of a little bleach. Lay paper towels in you sink and pour them with cleaners. After thirty minutes remove the paper towels and rinse the sink with water. Keeping your sinks looking new can be possible through this.

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