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How to Make Rustic Furniture


In today’s modern world, it would really make an appeal if you have gorgeous modern looking furniture in your living room. Modern furniture are usually: a centerpiece table made of glass, a sofa edge made of metal, an electric lampshade having futuristic yet contemporary design – yes, the modern vibe of today’s interior design and most people consider this an art. That is why they would also usually say “Every furniture style makes a statement.”

But to some people, pieces of old crafts blended with new ones are considered true art and an extravagant masterpiece. Rustic furniture can help you achieve this kind of art for literally speaking, rustic is art. The term “rustic furniture” portrays furniture that has a hand-made appearance. They usually have natural looks (reminding you of trees and forest) because they are usually made by woods, sticks or rags thus bringing nature to your home.

Rustic furniture

Rustic furniture is cheap and they can save you a lot of dollars having a set or two. One can truly admire the art and the labor put in making rustic furniture and a lot can actually venture into woodworking making rustic furniture. In this article, we will give you some tips and guides on how to make rustic furniture effectively. Here are some suggested tips you must remember:

• Choose a design
The very basic in building your very own furniture is choosing your own design; find furniture you can copy. Experts would usually say this one is effective for you can properly mold and properly organize structure and proportions – from the height of the chair, to the length and sizes of the arm and everything. A time-proven design after all is made through perfection.

• Peeled or not Peeled

One factor in considering of making your own rustic furniture, in making log furniture is that if the log is cleanly shaved otherwise it is skip-peeled. Skip-peeled logs usually give you more of a rustic appeal for the twigs and barks are not remove unlike the peeled ones which are clean. Choose the style that suits your taste.

• Choice of Wood

Wood choices are usually affected by geography so the most practical tip here is to use any woods available.

Rustic kitchen furniture

• Build your ideas
As a woodworker or as a craftsman, hand tools usage is advisable rather than machines. The most basic tools to have in building rustic furniture are drawknife and spokes have for log craftsmen; handsaws, drills, chisels, hatchets and other hand tools are found in every log furniture crafter’s toolbox.

You would surely go along way having to keep these following tips in venturing into making rustic furniture. With the suggested tips, plus proper designing and commitment, making something out of twigs or making something rustic is most likely the threshold of building a house and in time and through perfection, you can build a home.

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  1. I love the idea of integrating rustic elements with contemporary or other styles. It adds a unique flare!

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