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Lighting a Charcoal grill


Most barbecue grillers prefer using the gas grill because they give them immediate results and satisfaction. Unlike gas grills, charcoal grills are time consuming and takes up most of your time with all the preparation and even during the grilling. It’s also a hassle in terms of cleaning up once the deed is done. Remember that charcoal grills have that unique, distinct taste which grillers often look for. Also, most people aren’t aware of is that charcoal grills are really just simple to use.

Safety Using Charcoal

You can buy charcoal briquettes that already are soaked in lighter fluid. For safety precautions, make sure that your grill is placed on a nonflammable surface. Make sure that it is no where near anything that could catch fire.

Charcoal grill

Grill Starter

Stack your briquettes in a pyramid. Open up the air vents, if your grill has one. By doing this, airflow would circulate and increase which will help your charcoal burn better. Light the briquettes in several places using a match. Spread the charcoal and put back the grill rack, use a grill brush to make sure it’s clean once the grill rack is back in place.

Lighting a Charcoal Grill
Remember not to soak the briquettes in the light fluid. That is a common error done by most grillers. This is a no-no. You may say that if you don’t soak it, the flame won’t light up. Well, it just needs a little patience in order for you to grow the fire. Grab your fire starter and light it up. Once the charcoal has turned completely white, you can start cooking. And there you have lighted your charcoal grill.

Mens lighting a charcoal grill

These are the steps in lighting a charcoal grill. It’s not that complicated now right? Gas grills may look convenient but it depends on every griller’s preference. Some are just missing out on the added flavor charcoal-cooked foods have. So go ahead and light up your charcoal grill and start tasting that unique flavor and see for yourself!

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