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Lighting Designs: Are there Options?


Right lighting at home will certainly create a different ambiance to your home, especially to your living room and bedroom. With the right bulbs in use, you are sure to change the mood without too much effort. Therefore, you have to choose the best lighting bulbs depending on your desired results. Below are just some of the interior decorating tips on choosing the best light design and bulbs.

Living room lighting

If your desired effect is to have a proper lighting perfect for your family members who do their assignments or those who like to read most of the time, then pole lighting is the perfect for you. Since it is “pole,” it enables the light to run not only on the floor but also up to the ceiling. You can adjust the lights in different points where you would want the light to reflect. You can just point it to one corner and presto, you will have your own bright light perfect for your reading pleasure. Track lighting also does the same, giving just the right amount of light for the right focus. This saves space because it can be installed and hidden in any part of the room, adjacent to the object or furniture you want the light to focus on. For example, you want to have a dim light for your painting. You can just mount the track lights on the ceiling.

Of course, there are the small, simple bulbs which have a variety of designs to choose from. There are circular bulbs, tubular bulbs, floods, rings, and globes. These small bulbs are so convenient you can just attach them to lamps or to other fixtures. These are perfect for small rooms which will only need a small amount of light. But for bigger rooms, these small bulbs are not capable of reflecting the light enough for that big space.

Best bathroom lighting

The latest innovation for the lighting is the scented light bulbs. These are one of a kind because when you install scented light bulbs, you have the chance of having a brightly lit room with a pleasant smell. These are perfect for the living room where you entertain visitors and to your bedroom where you rest and relax.

Of course, if you want to have a perfect lighting for your relaxation, and you want to invite a calm and quiet atmosphere, use the oldest form of lighting-candles. Just light some candles when you’re doing your bath in your bath tub or when you take a nap in your bedroom or when you prepare a romantic dinner for your spouse. These are just some of interior decorating tips you can follow in choosing the best light design and bulbs. You can choose according to your preference but basically all the designs are created for the better of your home.

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