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Intimacy in Large Spaces


Some homes today have large rooms, particularly common rooms, living rooms and family rooms. Large rooms have their advantages but it would be dull to have a spacious area with an uptight atmosphere. So how do you make these spacious rooms feel a little more laid-back? Here are some easy tricks to make a large room cozy.

1. What’s the purpose of your large room? Determine if it’s for an office, a family/entertainment room, common room, living room, etc.
2. Lighting. Notice how orange-y lights in restaurants and spa centers seem to tone down the entire area. You can use similar lighting so the relaxing aura will easily emanate beginning from the lighting.

Large livingroom

3. Wall color. Choose neutrals. Loud colors give a fun and funky vibe but since our aim here is to make the large room cozy, neutrals are advisable. Dark colors will also look nice if you have the right lighting.
4. Furniture. Try not to use furniture that is too big since there would not be space for other accessories you might want to add. You can also base your furniture according to the purpose of your large room. You can use love seats and medium sized coffee tables for a common room. A small couch, sleek table and chair set with a few filing cabinets that are not too wide or too high for offices would also do the trick.
5. Accessories: Carpets and Rugs. Purchasing a nice carpet or rug will also look nice in large rooms. When you invite people over, you can play games on the floor or just lounge around if you have a nice carpet or rug to cover part of the floor.
6. Accessories: Art, etc. If you already have lighting that’s pleasant to the eyes, add some more eye candy by placing art in and balancing it with the room. Try to display some sculptures or figurines in high shelves (if you have high ceilings). You can also put up art in a museum-like setting. If you have too many accessories in the wrong places, the room will be a mess so minimalism would be important in achieving that coziness.
7. Scents. Potpourri or those fragrances that you can plug in will surely add to that much needed coziness.
8. If you have a fireplace, (this is an old trick) putting books on top makes you feel as if you’re inside a café or a bookshop where the atmosphere is light and loosened up.
Big bedroom

9. Music. Classical music or any instrumental music during gatherings in a large room (or even if you just want to unwind) will let your mind be cleared and focused.
10. Other accessories. Include throw pillows in your couch so it won’t look empty. When you want to accessorize further, you can also invest in plants such as a bonsai in a pot but use plants in moderation. We wouldn’t want your area to look like a jungle.

These are some of the 10 easy ways on how to make a large room cozy and more relaxing.

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