Making Bamboo Roman Shades as Easy as 1-2-3

If you’re looking for a kind of design that is beautiful to the eyes, simple yet inexpensive, bamboo blinds is one of the best choices. It gives you a very natural look as well as a warm ambiance. Bamboo blinds can be handmade or you can just purchase it in native stores. You can also personally make your very own bamboo blind. Don’t worry if you’re thinking of budget and difficulty. You can work on this design without having to tire yourself out and this will not cost you a lot.

Bamboo roman shade

In making your own bamboo blinds, you need to settle on different things. First thing to think of is the mounting board. The mounting board is important because it establishes how the shade will be fit against the windowpane. So basically, you really need to know how to install the mounting board properly in place.

Next thing we need to find out is what are the materials needed for the bamboo roman shades and what are their measurements. First thing you need is fabric and cotton lining. The measurements should be at least 2 inches wider and 6 inches longer than the mounting board. It will be used to wrap your board. You also need to know the ring tape, the polyester cord, metal dowel, other supplies and tools (e.g., matching thread, scissors, pins, sewing machine, staple gun, staples, and cord toggle, measuring tape) The different tools will be the ones that we will use in order to make our work easier and more efficient.

Roman curtains

Now, for the final step, which is putting up all the things gathered, follow the procedures below:
1. Cut the lining and fabric according to measurement and stitch the top side of it while the edges are pinned. The bottom seam should also be stitched together but make sure that there’s a gap for turning. Press and stitch again afterwards.
2. The bottom part should be raised up to 2 inches and you need to press it again. Use a ring tape to pin vertically the back shades side by side. Don’t forget to stitch the casing ends.
3. Attach the shade to the mountain board via staple gun and let it hang over the board (front).
4. Lastly, decide where you’ll put the chord. If you had decided, thread the chord via the vertical rings and thread it upwards. To verify if you had made a great blinds close-open the shade. If it isn’t that good, you can still make remedies for it.

Well, that’s the steps in making your very own Roman style bamboo shades. Practice and practice until you get the right shape! Remember, practice does really make something perfect. Good luck!


making bamboo shades

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