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Mosaics are ideal floors for shower sliding doors


The doors themselves can be of an array of unique designs and themes: either mosaic design, colored, or by a technique called sandblasting. Mosaic designs have the glass themselves carved and crafted with intricate designs and some are designed from inside the glass. These are ideal for sliding doors that generally only have two large glass sheets. Common themes for mosaic design include a frosted design or any design that would make the other side of the glass out of visible. Colored designs make use of tinting the glass itself. It has the same principle as painting a wall section of a room; but of course, is treated with a different technique than the usual. After all, it is glass; and a glass is very different from a concrete wall.

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Sandblasted glass makes use of very fine uniform particles that are accelerated onto the glass; often to create intricate graphic designs. Its difference from mosaic designs is that it involves a blaster gun to decorate rather than conventional tools when sculpting glass. This is also a very good way to design your shower glass doors; and you can even request for unconventional designs to suit your designing preferences. Regardless of application methods, a way of designing your shower doors is great because it adds to the total atmosphere that bathrooms can provide. After all, the bathroom is the sanctuary of cleanliness; and an article in a bathroom, such as shower doors, also requires a good design as any article of any room in the house.

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