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Tips to do your Own Mosaic Theme and Patterned Instructions of Designs


Mosaic is one of the best arts that you can do because it is easy to do and you can have fun especially if you’re already good at this kind of art. There are many kinds of mosaic. But let’s not go out further because we can do our own kind of mosaic at our own homes. What we need is just a simple tile, art materials and of course, your creative mind.

Marble mosaic

First and foremost, we should determine what kind of tile. You can actually use any thing that is available at your home but if not, you can go to your local hardware store and ask for sample tiles. The usual tiles are square in shape but there are other available shapes like diamond, circle, etc. If you don’t want to purchase anything but can’t find a tile in your home, you can break your coffee mugs, glass or any porcelain. Just make sure that you are careful and you won’t be wounded. Place the pieces into a plastic bag and head to the next step.

The second thing that we will do is we will decide what will be our design. You can do research on this but you can still have your own personal choice. The usual themes here are nature and persons itself. The usual mosaic tiles are more of religion (As you can see in Churches) but of course, it always ends up in what the person can do and what the person likes to do. After deciding, you may now sketch your design on whatever surface you will like to put on the design. Make sure your design is clear so it won’t be that confusing.

Original mosaic doorstep

Now, for the last part, apply the tiles. In applying the tiles, you need to have a strong type of glue with you while thin set for projects that are outside your homes (outdoor). A thin layer of adhesive will be used in putting the tiles in place. In order to grout properly, leave at least 1/8 inch of space. After having all the tiles in position, let it all dry first before going into any action. After drying, we’ll apply the grout. When applying the grout, wear some hand gloves so it will not that be messy. Apply the grout in the spaces entirely. Also apply a grout sealer for protection from some stains and moisture. After doing this, clean the residue by using sponge and water before it dries so it won’t be that cloudy. Finally, you have your own mosaic tile! You can try other designs but make sure that you’re still in your budget and please be careful so that you will not get injured from the tiles. Also, make sure that you like your own design because it might end up unattractive.

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