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Negative stuff in Feng Shui: Do You Make These Mistakes?

Feng Shui


Feng Shui in decoration is a millenary tradition that many people today still do not know, without even realizing how important it is.

Decorating is not only adorning or embellishing, it is more than that. It consists of creating environments that are pleasing to people living in them and to others.

To decorate is to achieve functional spaces that allow us to carry out our daily tasks with comfort. At present; to decorate is a crucial task. It is to change our spaces to also change our way of life.

If you’d like to know what those techniques with more than 3000 years of tradition are, and what you should not do, then join us!

Using Fen Shui to Decorate Properly

I want to mention two very important issues before continuing; it is usually something we mention at the end but, better make an exception this time.

What should not you do?


[one_half_first]It is true that art comes in many forms, a sea of ??emotions spills over our soul when we appreciate a work. However; I am not against negative emotions when it comes to art. But the first thing you should do is to get out of your entire depressing decor.

And by depressing decoration I mean any accessory or photograph that reminds you of a bad relationship; At least in the bedroom you should not decorate with photographs of the war or accessories to revive a particularly sad memory.[/one_half_first][one_half_last][/one_half_last]

Feng Shui

Do not torture yourself like that!

You should also keep in mind that the bedroom is a place to rest. Having at a glance any exercise equipment is not recommended; you can exercise in any other room of the house, but these devices are not part of the decoration, or your bedroom.

And last but not least; attempts to include wood in furniture to minimize residual static flows. Although to a very limited extent; it will help to give it a more welcoming appearance, keep electronics and gadgets as far as possible.

The Golden Rule in Decoration

Feng Shui

The main rule in decoration when we see a room is:

As it is in, it is outside.

A clean, tidy and ventilated house is very important to feel good internally.

This rule is just that. The more obscure, messy and stuffy of things is the place where we live; The less our life energy will flow positively in it.

The aspect of our house is the reflection of our inner world; and much of this concept is part of Feng Shui, a Chinese philosophy very implemented in homes in recent years, but not enough.

Do not worry yet! Here at Decorating Visita Casas we are to make of your knowledge these key tips that should never fail in the decoration of your house and in the design of the spaces.

The Position of the Bed

Decorating Bedroom

Always place the bed on a wall other than the one that contains the door, preferably choose the wall that is farthest from the door.

But Heads Up!

You should always avoid that the bed is not in a straight line with the door of the room, nor in a straight line with the entrance door to the bathroom.

It is always advisable that from the bed you can visualize the entrance of the bedroom perfectly; and that you can also detail who enters and who leaves.

The Composition of the Bed

Both for Feng Shui and for us designers; the bed should always have a back rest behind it. That is to say; a wall where to support the headboard which, preferably, should not have windows.

The back of the bed symbolizes the security in our life and the support we feel from our loved ones; consider this rule especially if you are about to design the room of children or adolescents living with you.

Watch out for the roof!

The last advice we want to name you regarding the location of the bed and the Feng Shui philosophy is:

Do not place the bed directly under the ceiling joists

The presence of large structures over the body or head when you are sleeping, usually causes headaches, discomfort and sleep disorders. Do not hang over the bed ceiling fans and heavy lamps.

You can solve the problem by moving the lamp placement points or installing ceiling throughout the room to remove the beams on the bed.

The Bathroom Also Counts

Another negative action we often do unconsciously is to leave the toilet lid up; through this way it is precisely where bad energies leave, if you leave it open that allows such bad energies to get into the room.

Try not to leave medicines exposed and try to avoid seeing anything that does not have to do with personal cleanliness. Choose decorative jars, some plant and beautiful ornamental elements. Of course; air the bathroom regularly, especially if you have a window through which natural air enters.

Very Important! The Dining Room!

Use the dining room! Arrange a separate space for it; that is to say, although you have a kitchen type Veechené, teach in your family and yourself the usage of the dining room as a meeting area. Eating in the kitchen equates to eating on the office desk.

If the table is round it will be much better for the flow of the energies, since all the diners are in the same position; not establishing hierarchies makes the fraternity practice much better among all.

Where to Place the Mirrors?

If you are placing large mirrors, you can choose the entrance as a good place to do it; however, you should try not to have the mirror right in front of the front door as all the energy you bring home will come instantly. It is best to place it on the side of the hall; there it will fulfill the important work of showing your reflection before leaving home.

The Furniture in the Living Room

Feng Shui

The best position to place the furniture in the living room is an “L” shaped organization; not facing, since this makes it more difficult for this space to be shared freely.

As in the bedroom, it is convenient to locate furniture so that everyone can see who enters and who leaves the house. This simple rule exists to make us feel that we are truly in control over our life.

The Furniture Shape

Many make this mistake; it strikes me to see how typical it is! So I take the opportunity to emphasize it very well.

Avoid placing furniture with sharp corners

Instead; you should opt for those who have curved edges, It is not only a safety issue for children, you will also prevent energy from being cut inside the house.

The same goes for plants; choose those that have no thorns and if you can; every so often try to have fresh flowers in your living room.

More Secrets of Feng Shui

Generally, Feng Shui recommends other habits that are not part of the design of the spaces; but of their maintenance.

These are:

  • Keep the spaces clean
  • Have the house tidy
  • Throw it away or gift it.

Everything we do not use, do not like or bring us bad memories requires detachment. In this sense; it is very important to vacate the spaces and make them more open to the flow of the positive energies that come to our home!

These are just some tips of what you should and should not do; Remember that your home should be that little paradise where you get to rest and enjoy the greatest pleasures of life together with those you love.

Building it takes time and effort, but it always bears great fruit! To tell you how to achieve this, in Decorating Visita Casas we have an endless number of articles on the subject. So I invite you to take a walk around the site.

And if you have any ideas or know a well-kept secret of Feng Shui, do not forget to leave them in the comments box Decorate Happy!


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