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Tips in finding the trouble spots in your home

• The Home Shape – Homes that are shaped like the letter “U” based on Feng Shui are considered as unlucky for love, marriage and guests. This shape will drive the home inhabitants away thus forcing them to seek the comforts of another home. Homes that are shaped like the letter “L” in the same […]

Negative stuff in Feng Shui: Do You Make These Mistakes?

Feng Shui in decoration is a millenary tradition that many people today still do not know, without even realizing how important it is. Decorating is not only adorning or embellishing, it is more than that. It consists of creating environments that are pleasing to people living in them and to others. To decorate is to […]

Office and business Feng Shui

To incorporate a good Feng Shui environment within the workplace or working office or business, there must always be light when you’re engaged in activities. If you’re fortunate enough to have windows that allow natural light in, don’t cover them up with dark blinds. Enhance the natural light flow in the area by putting up […]