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Play with your Lampshades


Lampshades seem to be ordinary in every living room. Others think it is just useful at night, when it is on and it is only unique when it is only lit. However, not everyone knows that it is very easy to design lampshades. In fact here is at DIY home décor advice on how to make quick and easy lampshades. Just be sure to follow the steps properly and prepare the materials beforehand so you would not hurry in finishing the pieces.

Making a lampshade

One best thing to make quick and easy lampshades is to remove the old frame covering the light bulb and do another design. You have many ways to do that. For one, you can get a cellophane with your chosen color. You must have a frame to put on the cellophane which will serve as the shade of the lamp. You can use wire to form the shape of the frame or you can use the old frame and just attach the cellophane with the use of a glue gun. The color of the cellophane and of the bulb will determine the color of the shade. If you want a dimmer and darker shade, you can use red cellophane. If you want a brighter shade, you can use bright yellow or orange. You can add beauty and design to the cellophane-made lampshade by putting some small pieces of decors on it. You can paste some glow in the dark post-its on the cellophane so that when the lampshade is turned-off, it will literally glow in the dark. This is just one of the DIY home décor advices for some quick and easy lampshades.
Paper lamps

You can also use a fabric for the shade of the lamp. Check the measurements of the frame of the shade and be sure to cut accurately the fabric depending on these measurements. You can attach the fabric into the frame by sewing it with the use of a sewing machine. However, if you do not have one, you can use a glue gun. Spread some glue first on the edge of the fabric so that it would be the first part you will attach to the frame. Afterwards, fold about an inch of the fabric and put some glue on the lining which you will glue on the frame. However, be sure to leave the rest of the fabric flowing down so that you will use it in folding again horizontally after the first row. Continue gluing rows until you reach the bottom of the frame of the shade. These are just some of the unique and beautiful ways as to how to create easy and quick lampshades. You won’t be needing to spend big with the materials used because all of these are readily available.

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