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Stained Glass Lamp Shades: Home Decorating Ideas


Stained glass for a decoration never goes out of style. This is a decoration that can give your room a sophisticated look. One great thing that you can purchase to make your room have this elegant touch is the stained glass lampshade. This is a room decoration that is not only functional but can give your room an attractive light as well. The stained glass is made out of colored enamels fused into pieces of glass and fire them at a 1100 °F temperature. There are a lot of colors that can be used to create a great stained glass that can be used for lampshades.

Lovely glass lamp

Stained glasses are used in church windows before and they create an elegant window that some still exists nowadays. Then these were used by the wealthy people who wanted to have this king of window treatment in their homes and women used these in their offices. Then these evolved and were used on decorations like the dragonfly and the cherry blossoms by Louis Comfort Tiffany.

Nowadays, you can also find lamps that are made out of stained glass and it really gives your room an elegant touch. However, lamps made from known artists like Tiffany would really cost you a lot; however, there are reproductions that you can buy at a cheaper price. Thus decorating your home with a stained glass lamp shades is never that expensive. This is a great masterpiece that you can place especially in your living room or your bedroom because this is where you can appreciate the light that a stained glass lamp shade brings. Just imagine a room with colors playing across the walls and the floor of the room setting a calm mood.

Rustic glass lamp

There is a lot of types of lamp shades that you can purchase. There are stained glass lamp shades that can be purchased with a floor or table length bases. This can also be made out of brass or pewter to give the lamp stability preventing it from tipping over. These lamp shades also have different designs like the floral theme, geometrical shapes, whimsical or animal designs to fit the room theme that you have.

Designing a room using the stained glass lamp shade is never that hard because of the different styles that would suit any theme that you currently have in your room. You have a lot of choices. You can purchase the stained glass lamp shade online, or from art stores where you can choose from a variety of designs that would surely suit your taste. There are available stained glass lamps in the market that would suit your budget and that can give your room an elegant design that would suit your room perfectly.

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