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Protecting roses during winter


Rose is one of the most popular flowers in the world. Indeed, I can say it is the most popular type for you can see it everywhere, not only during special occasions but also during ordinary days. I can also say that it’s the most romantic flower, particularly the red ones for they are commonly given during Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and any other regular day for lovers who just want to make that day extra special. And not only that, it can also be given during mother’s day, birthdays, and special events like beauty pageants, etc. rose bushes can also be seen in one’s neighborhood as they give life and that romantic ambience to one’s backyard.

Roses are also quite expensive as they are seen in malls, flower shops, etc. that’s why it’s really an advantage if you just have your very own rose garden. Though it may be very tedious to look after, I’m sure that those people who has it in their backyard, enjoys taking care of it even though it takes some of their precious time. For them it is like a very enjoyable hobby and a very fulfilling task.

But then, roses can be very hard to look after depending on the weather, particularly during winter time. This should be taken into consideration if you have plans of raising your own rose garden. Now, here are some tips which may be of great help for taking care of your roses during winter. Roses need to be forced into a dormant state during these months, and this can be done by dead heading, allowing rose hip to develop by cutting any more roses from the plants, and to stop fertilization by the end of October. Now, when all the dead leaves had fallen from you bush during the season’s first hard frost, you may now cover your rose bushes. Dead leaves can attract insects and molds which can put your rose bushes into further harm. You can also remove dead leaves on the bushes itself, and rake the ground around them so remaining debris may be taken away.

If you want to prune some stems to allow a much better coverage, don’t do it thoroughly for it can stimulate plant growth during the winter. You can also tie all the bushes canes together to protect them from breaking when the harsh winds pass by. But then, if you don’t want to prune them, you can build a frame for covering. Just insert metal poles in the ground keep the covering off of the plant. And lastly, before covering your bushes, you must get some good soil to place at the bottom of the plant so it will reduce the damage caused by frozen roots.

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