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5 ways of eliminating the problems of buying Bigger than Standard Sized Furniture


There is a saying that, “Home is where the heart is”. Every person on this earth or at least any socially active person can relate to this phrase. We always have a soft corner in our hearts for the place which we can call “HOME”. We always try to make our home look tidy, gorgeous and classy. But what makes the structure of our home? What makes our home complete?? The answer is –Furniture. Furniture is the most integral part of our home. Furniture is not just wooden objects that are used in our day to day human activities they become a part of your home. We develop an emotional connection with the furniture situated in our home as they stay with us in our homes for a long time. The dining table of our home reflects the sweet and sour memories of a large family gathering or a casual Sunday brunch with our best friends.

[one_half_first]Bedrooms are remembered for more cozy and intimate moments. Furniture can be of many sizes and shapes that fulfill the intricate and different needs and requirements of its buyers or consumers. According to many reputed authors including Encyclopedia Britannica regarded seating as amongst the oldest known and important furniture types. A person needs to be very careful while buying furniture especially when the potential consumer tends to buy furniture that is larger than standard size.[/one_half_first][one_half_last][/one_half_last]

Buying furniture is a big commitment both economically and figuratively. Furniture cannot be bought easily as it is difficult for middle-class buyers to finance a big amount of money to buy large furniture at any time of the year. Moreover, furniture plays an inevitable role in increasing the interior beauty of the house. Thus the furniture bought for your house should definitely complement the interior decoration of your house and suit your lifestyle.

Furniture like beds, sofas, cupboards, book shelves is also large in size. So, they anchor a lot of space of the house. On the hand, no-one buys furniture for temporary use. Everyone buys furniture with a vision to use it for a lifetime. So, while buying large size furniture the buyer should consider the five things mentioned below to make the purchase appropriate and accurate:

  1. Sketch your vision

First, know your own requirements. Plan what kind and size of furniture will fulfill your need and how much money is going to be needed to buy that particular piece of furniture. The amount of furniture that is needed to be bought should also be shortlisted. For example, if you need to buy a new cupboard and bed for your bedroom then you need to decide which piece of furniture you need to buy first or should you buy two of the furniture together. On the hand, buying sofas for your drawing room is completely different. Sofas are tough to buy both economically and figuratively. Economically, as sofa is a very expensive piece of furniture and figuratively because sofa cannot be exchanged easily. So, different types of furniture needs different planning. Prior plan may change to some extent after visiting various furniture stores but preparing well-scheduled plan for your purchase before visiting stores will help to identify your requirements. Prepare a draft of your budget. Be sure about the amount of money that you intend to spend about your furniture. Try to make rational decisions. Do not spend money unnecessarily. At first, make a budget of how much money are your going to spend, how are you going to finance that money, how can you fruitfully utilize the money that is spent. If you need to take a loan to purchase that desired piece of furniture, then also make sure that you also design a plan for doing so.

  1. Choose the medium and time

Buying large size furniture can be a risky initiative. Buyers need to be careful before choosing the place from where he is going to purchase his furniture. Buying furniture from furniture stores can be a monotonous task for the buyer as the he has to visit many stores to find the perfect piece of furniture that will be best-suited for his budget and house. On the other hand, buying furniture from an online furniture portal has the risk of being cheated or becoming the victim of a fraudulent activity. So, the buyer needs to be cautious while choosing the medium of purchase. For the last couple of years, many brands have made a big name by selling furniture online. From beds and sofas to tables and shelves- everything is now sold online.

It is giving businesses the opportunity to expand their activities beyond boundaries and reach to a large number of consumers. These online ventures are not only attracting consumers but also investors who are willing to invest in such initiatives. Such developments of the business world increases number of online shops selling furniture giving the consumers more different options. Buying furniture online is tough for those conservative consumers who are used to buy furniture from carpenters. Buyer should also keep the timing in mind. For example, most of the furniture shops give discount or special offers during festive season or at the end of the year. So, the purchase should be made at such a time which will benefit the buyer the most.

  1. Keep the dimension in mind

Buying furniture of large sizes can be tricky. Keep the size of the room in mind where you intend to fit that piece of furniture. For example, if you are buying a king size bed for your new home make sure that the pattern of the room will be proportionate to your bed. Also, think how you are going to transfer your furniture to your house and brainstorm the easiest way to do that. Make sure your furniture can easily be transferred to your home and cross the stairways, entrance main gate of the building and most importantly elevator. Because the biggest problem of buying large furniture is that it becomes a misery for the buyer to make their new piece of happiness fit into the elevator or carrying it through the stairways to the entrance of the house. Big brands like IKEA introduced adjustable furniture which enables the consumers to solve the hazard of transferring furniture. In this method the furniture is transferred into pieces and then installed in the house as per design.

  1. Contrast the interior

As mentioned earlier, furniture is regarded as a piece of art as it increases the interior beauty of the house. People who cannot afford an interior designer to decorate their house try their level best to buy such pieces which will add artistic touch to their house. Try to be trendy and quirky with your choices. While buying large size furniture try to experiment with shapes like rectangular, triangle and diamond shaped furniture. Make sure the internal decoration of your house complements your furniture. Do not crowd your home with overloaded furniture. Be minimalistic.

  1. Let the size not scare you

Undoubtedly, purchasing large furniture is scary. The thought of making a cupboard which has the shape of a mammoth fit in your tiny living room or situating your newly purchased king size bed in your not so king size bedroom can definitely petrify you. It is an emergency situation but not the end of the world. Some smart ideas and being innovative can help you balance the situation and call it a day. Some interior designers suggest that going big with the size of the furniture does not hamper the atmosphere of the house. In fact, by situating the furniture smartly, correctly, appropriately and accurately even the mammoth furniture can make the room look bigger. Moreover, there is no point of being scared of going big with the furniture. You should focus the most on fulfilling your requirements rather than being tensed about accommodating the furniture in your house.

It is undoubtedly hard to purchase a larger than standard size furniture

It is undoubtedly hard to purchase a larger than standard size furniture but being smart and quirky can solve all your dilemmas. The methods that are mentioned above will definitely be helpful. Though the descriptions may look tedious to read but as all tiny details are included in above so it is worth the read. Though the descriptions are very large to read but the results will definitely be fruitful. So, buying furniture will not be a hassle anymore as five very important and useful methods are mentioned above to make the purchase durable and credible.

Purchasing a furniture for extra large people may not be easy. In the past, couches and chairs are built with standard sizes; however, at present where the existence of extra large persons are increasing, the manufacturers felt the need to make furniture for the “bigger” population.
Restored antique furnitures
The first products that were designed for the large sized people were found very uncomfortable, because even if the size is increased, they have not adjusted the support yet. The springs used were weak, and some dinette chairs were not wide enough that you can’t comfortably sit. Sometimes there will come a point where chairs break down because of its lack of abilityto support the extra weight that their extra large chair is supposed to hold.

Table spanish furniture
However, with these problems taken into consideration, the newer version of the plus size furniture now provides the comfort and the support that it should give. The improved furniture include recliners that are upholstered, wooden rockers, kitchen chairs and some other furnishings that would surely suit the plus size user.

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