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[Guide] Tips for Purchasing furniture for extra large people

Extra-large furniture is built thinking of people much heavier than normal, hence the reason why they are a little more expensive. But in the quest for comfort when buying furniture for extra large people, that differential in the price is worth.

At least that’s the theory; however some companies, despite following the code of using more resistant materials or more of the same materials as reinforcement, maintain the same design as for a person of average dimensions.

That is where the first mistake is made. To know more about what factors to take into account when buying furniture for extra-large people, join us in the following article.

A Larger Cabinet is not Always the Right Answer

The great flaw of all furniture in the regular market is that they are designed for people from a same mold.

Let me explain myself.

• Make-up is customized according to skin tone.
• When you go to a professional clothing store, you receive personalized attention and employees always try to offer clothes that fit the best according to your shape.
• Most people who have been tattooed have chosen a very personalized design.

However, when it comes to furniture

Have you ever been told “this is the best piece of furniture for you”?

All designs are the same as if all people were. They interpret furniture as if it were a shoe to which only a small adjustment should be made in the number to make it fit.

It is from this misconception that discomfort with furniture arises, although at first it seemed perfect.

Therefore; the recommendation here at Decorating Visita Casas is that you visit stores (which are few) where they have personalized attention. Shops that have made the obvious practice: Custom furniture tailored to the customer.

Of course; to do this correctly and take full advantage of the potential offered by this option. You must take into account several factors when making a budget. Most custom made furniture starts from scratch, so it’s good not to go on a rush on this item.

What do you need to calculate the budget for a piece of furniture?

When it comes to extra-large people, not only the classic factors for the construction of furniture are taken into account. One must also respect the dimensions of the person in a very unique way.


• Type of furniture
• What it is going to be used for
• How often it will be used
• Dimensions and weight of the costumer

Something similar to the work done in kindergarten classrooms but taken to the macro.

I like the idea of meeting with a person who is expert in what he does. Not only to give him the indications of the space to which the furniture in question will be destined, but also to make sure the specialist sees the face behind that money that pays his work, me, the costumer.

Some people do not consider furniture made to measure because they believe the cost is very high. Nonetheless; the way in which the budget is calculated fairly can make the price lower.

In any case; if you are not very fond of custom configurations. You can follow very simple guidelines to choose your extra-large furniture. However; I leave you a video of what two people and some wood can achieve.

How to choose the best furniture for extra large people?

Let’s start with the basics. What is your remarkable aspect, height or weight? If it is height then you will find yourself in a somewhat uncomfortable situation.

Some companies offer adapter extensions for those cases where, for example, the dining room table is too low.

For this you should always check, even if you are not an extra-large person, the availability of these extra accessories.

Thanks to these extensions, you can add more height to the furniture in question, and in such a case that it is very low, without affecting the decoration.

The biggest problem that very tall people usually get is the bed.

They are definitely too standard for the variety of heights that exist in the world. Maybe that’s why it’s much better to sometimes get a Japanese futon.

If on the other hand the remarkable aspect of your body is the weight. Then you should go a little further and check the metal alloys of the pieces.

In all furniture; those parts that are not seen should always be treated with the same detail and care as the visible ones.

Most of the furniture assembled in a generic way complies with a minimum standard of quality that, carried out in practice, simply does not satisfy the demands of the customers.

So pay attention to the following and open your eyes wide!

• When you buy a piece of furniture, ask the seller to explain what type of wood was used in the making of all parts of the piece. Too dark finishes, where you cannot appreciate the sort of wood, are usually made of very low quality materials, with many knots, imperfections and even splinters.

• On a sofa is always more important that face that is not seen. Ask and make sure how it was assembled, using screws or glue? What kind of glue was used? What material is the filling? And the final test; sit on the couch and ask yourself if you would sleep in it.

• Always make sure you know what luster was used in the final finish. Your daily basis is surrounded by wet or hot things; let it be water or coffee, then if you have to be especially careful not to ruin the furniture, it is best not to waste your money on that option.

• Compare the weight of the furniture with your own. Although there is no standard that says certain furniture of such dimensions should weigh a specific amount of pounds. In fact; it is true that if you can lift the furniture easily, then it will not support your weight. Lifting the furniture should cost you as much as lifting your own weight.

Only thus will you have a minimum of tranquility.

Lastly; as a personal advice. I invite you to find out first; if a custom piece of furniture would not be worth around the same money as something generic from a common store, which by any chance, meets all the requirements you are looking for.

Furniture for heavy people that come already prefabricated may not fit perfectly to your anatomy; however, if the manufacturer offers more than a 10 years warranty for your product, you can be sure that out of all other options that one is probably the best.

Reputation is something that is priceless. But when it is lost, it simply throws us into bankruptcy. For such a reason; if a manufacturer offers a product with the promise that they will be able to withstand all the stress of your weight, in those cases the best “generic” option is that one.

The integrity of the furniture may be compromised in the long run. But the manufacturer will respond quickly and efficiently and learn from the error to manufacture something better.

It can become a cumbersome process in which even the only alternative is to return your money. But unfortunately it is one of the cons to which we live, when we acquire something that was not made for us specifically.


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