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Repairing an Electrical Cord


When an electrical cord is broken, don’t just throw it away and buy a new one. For it can mean the difference between saving an electrical device and throwing it away. Splicing the cord back together can only take a few minutes using an electrical tape and wire strippers. Just make sure that the correct wires are spliced together and properly re-insulated with tape to avoid shock hazard. Tying the broken ends with an overhand loop adds strength to the repair and will prevent ends from falling apart. Now, how do we properly repair and electrical cord anyway? How to we save electricity by repairing this? Here are some steps on how to do it.

• Cut away the damaged part
Cut away the damaged part of the cord as close to the broken area as possible, leaving two pieces – one, running to the appliance and the other, terminating with the plug.

• Strip away insulation
Use wire cutters to strip away half an inch of insulation from the two wires on each piece of cord.

• Hold two ends together
Hold the two cut ends together, make a short loop of the pieces, then run the two ends through the loop and pull tight.

• Twist
Twist the wire strands to prevent unraveling.

• Attach the wires
Attach the black wires from both pieces of the electrical cord and twist them together.

• Wrap with Tape
Wrap electrician’s tape around the black wires.

• Strengthen the ends
Strengthen the two ends of repaired cord as much as possible and wrap with an amount of electrician’s tape at least equal to the thickness of insulation that was pulled off with the wire cutters.
Once the cord is repaired, it should be almost as strong as it was when you had just bought it. But just a simple warning to all, you must unplug the electrical cord before making any repairs. And also, knotting the two ends of the electrical cord before splicing and wrapping with electrician’s tape will prevent the two spliced ends from falling apart, which could create an electrical hazard.
Many of us thought that a broken electrical cord won’t have any use at all, and most of us will result on just throwing it into the trash until we found out that there are is still a way on how to repair and electrical cord. Just be patient and resourceful, and surely you can be able to find a lot of ways to repair broken stuff. Surely, this will not only help us to conserve electricity, but conserve money as well.

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