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Scandinavian style interior design


Wondering what is Scandinavian style of interior decoration? What is it? Many people still aren’t cleared out on the evolving trends in interior design. It is only in the 20th century that Scandinavian interior design came to be. Carl Larsson, a 20th century artist is credited with creating Scandinavian style. The Scandinavian interior design that he created is a mixture or combination of neutral colors of the Norwegian, Swedish and Danish landscape, with a casual aged look. The land of Scandinavia usually experience long winters and sometimes sunlight is less experienced, so this resulted to a need for airy and sleek interiors that the sunlight is made available most.

Scandinavian style kitchenScandinavian Colors

Basic colors usually relates with Scandinavian colors. The colors ranges from shades of whites (ecru to bright white), beige, light blues and natural light wood tones. There is an exception in the neutral color scheme which is the adding of bright red. The reason for that exception is that red dramatically contrasts with the pale interiors to add more design.

Scandinavian Textures and Fabrics
Natural themes are also followed by fabrics. What are the most commonly found fabrics in their design? That would be cotton and linen, fabrics used mainly on curtains. The fabrics may be able to be plain or textured and their designs usually are that of with white stripes and checkered. There are also those that makes use of floral designs, these are usually associated with white background and small designs that are usually repeated.

Scandinavian style room

Scandinavian Furniture
The deal with Scandinavian wood furniture is that they have their trademarks in them like they usually have mixtures of straight lines with curved detailing that are gently made. The legs of this furniture are thin and generally tapered. Staple furniture in Scandinavian interior design is that of benches and bench-like sofas which are set on six legs with separate cushions or with minimal upholstery. Scandinavian interior designs are great to put on your room. If you’re the type of guy who wants some remnants of classic touches or feel in your houses, well this kind of design is for you. The motif of Scandinavian interior design is timeless, elegance and freshness. It’s a nice way of changing up the designs that are commonly used by other people. So why not try being different and let people see a different look in your house; show them what it means to be timeless, the meaning of elegance and fresh. These designs are sure to make your visitors, guests, family and friends feel welcome and warm at the same time.

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