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Showerheads: To Be Newly Installed


Simple bathrooms only have a tub or a shower room, toilet and maybe a cabinet or so for brushing the teeth, looking at the mirror and such. However, there can be a new tool that you can add to your beloved bathroom and this is the hand held shower head. If you’re thinking that installing this device will take you a lot of time, then think again. Installing will be very easy especially if you follow this simple step by step procedure. Now, here we go!

First, like any other experiment, we should first gather all the different tools and materials that we will use in installing the device. If you’re thinking of what tools to gather, well, you need a Teflon tape, rag, adjustable wrench and a pipe-mounted handheld showerhead. Now we know the different tools to be used. For the next step, look at the nut of the showerhead. This is found above the showerhead. The flat sides help in unscrewing the showerhead easier and faster. Using the rag and placing it in the nut will prevent having the nut from having scratches. Next, loosen the nut by counter clockwise turning it with the use of the adjustable wrench. Remove the old showerhead and the plumbing tape and clean off the excess water found on the pipe.

After the removal, don’t forget to clean the pipe. For the next step, we’ll be doing the installation of the new showerhead. In order to do this, prepare the showerhead and wrap its end with the Teflon tape. Wrapping it with the tape helps prevent leaks but make sure that is tightly covered with the tape.

After taping, we can attach the new shower. There is an available instruction to follow for connecting the hose and the wand to the showerhead. After following those instructions, tighten (clockwise direction) the showerhead on the pipe with the use of the hand. Just make sure that you don’t over tighten it. With the use of the adjustable wrench, you can now tighten the nut.

After the installation, make sure you clean all the parts and dry it. You will need to install the trigger hanger which is located at the desired location you want. Just stuck it on the wall then press it firmly.
Voila! You now have a new showerhead! But, this is still not the end. Check if there are any leaks by turning it on. If there are leaks, make some revisions on the connections. The cause might be because it wasn’t that tight enough. Retest the showerhead. If there are no problems, you can now enjoy your newly-installed showerhead!

Now you know that installing the showerhead isn’t that difficult. Additional tip is that it is better to use the hand rather than tools. It is safer and faster. Well, enjoy your new showerhead. Have fun!

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