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Infrared Thermal Imaging: A new way to find a water leak in your home

Water leaks are one of the household problems that should be solved immediately. With usable water running out it is not wise to let all that precious water to waste. When we have water leaks in our homes, we can experience a drop in water pressure preventing the water from reaching the faucets that are located in high areas. Depending on the location of the water leak, you may also experience indoor flooding especially when the leak gets aggravated. And to make matters worse you will still be paying for water that you were not able to use!

Water leaks detector
It is advisable to fix the existing water leak before it worsens and become unmanageable to prevent bigger expenses. Water leaks can cause other household problems if not fixed immediately.
Looking for a water leak is a very arduous task because water pipes are usually installed behind the walls, over the ceilings and under our home floorings. In the past, people can only determine if there is a leak when flooding occurs in their home. Finding the specific location of the leak is the hard part. In the past, people needed to tear down walls, bring down ceilings and dismantle the floorings to identify a single leak. This method consumes a lot of time, effort and money but it is very necessary to prevent wastage and bigger complications. Today, we can easily detect water leeks in our home through the emergence of the Infrared Thermal Imaging Technology. We do not need to take the house apart just to find a single water leak anymore. This means that we can save a lot of money from costly repairs.

Through the thermal imaging system we can easily detect water leaks because it displays the variances in the surface temperature. The areas that are darker in color represent a cooler temperature and the lighter colors represent hot temperature. The thermal imaging system often displays colors like blue, purple, black and green for cool temperature and red, orange yellow and white for hot temperatures.
Since the water is cooler than room temperature, the area that has a water leak will display a darker color than the area around it.

Infrared water leak

This feature of the infrared thermal imaging technology makes it a convenient detecting device for problems that are not readily visible to our eyes. And because it focuses on the temperature, we can easily detect problems that lie behind the walls, above our ceilings and even under the floors. Infrared Thermal Imaging is clearly the best way of finding water leaks. Aside from detecting water leaks, infrared thermal imaging can also be used in determining other household problems like electronic faults, overheating equipment, heat loss, air conditioner leaks and many more.

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