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Simple Steps For A Customized Layered Window Treatment


To attain that desired customized effect that you wish your windows to have, one of the best ways to do so is by trying out the layered window treatment. This article will help you in this home remodeling project. Create a layered window treatment and watch the transformation of your windows!

The Materials
Start off by purchasing a cornice kit that is to your liking at the department store. The window treatment we are going to make will use a padded effect so buy a cornice kit that is Styrofoam and is fitted to our purpose. At a craft store, buy fabric glue, batting, a staple gun, and fabric. Carefully reflect on the color and design of the fabric since it must be in harmony with the room wherein your window treatment will be installed. A few things to consider in the fabric selection are the other pieces of furniture in the room, the color of the upholstery, floor covering, and cushions. Also, check out the other fabrics in the room and assess their characteristics (e.g. weave, texture). In addition, be sure to purchase enough fabric to be able to cover the entire cornice.

Roman curtains

What To Do
Open up the cornice kit, carefully read the instructions and then put the cornice together. Once assembled, the cornice frame is to be enveloped in batting which is to be attached to the frame using the staple gun and/or fabric glue.

Place the fabric flat on your working table and then put down the cornice frame on it. The objective here is to successfully cover the board entirely, with the fabric ends placed unseen at the interior of the board so that the cornice will look seamless once you mount it over the window. Attach the fabric evenly and securely using the staple gun and fabric glue. For added embellishment, you might want to glue roping to the edges of the cornice for further definition. Use fabric glue if you decide to do so.

Window roller shade

For the multilayered window treatment, three panels may be attached to the window treatment. Make use of two curtain rods. The top panel is to be attached to the cornice board while the center and lowest panels are to be placed on the double curtain rod. The material for the panel fabric, once again, should take into consideration the rest of the room. Pick fabric that will aesthetically bring out the best possible effect. Buy heavy material for the top panel, a less heavy material for the middle panel, and for the last panel, a sheer fabric. When arranging the lengths, one third of each layer of panel should be visible.

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