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New Solar Garden Lights For Your Home Available, Act Fast

Solar garden lights illuminate and give life to the outdoors of our homes. They are wonderful articles to use in beautifying lawns, patios, driveways and sidewalks. You can use them to accomplish the schemes in your imagination as you decorate trees, doorways, gutters and any other function that you can think of. The means on how you can use them is actually limitless.

Although for the same reason we can not cover the full range of solar lights you can implement in your yard; here are the most important points to keep in mind and many ideas for inspiration.

Bringing the Sunlight to Your Garden

Garden Lights

The first thing you should know is that the Solar Garden Lights are economical; and they are not only inexpensive, but they also save you from the distress you feel every time you see your monthly electric bill.

We know from the name itself, that solar garden lights are empowered by solar energy, which is obtained from the sun. That means that you can also save the bother of turning off and turning on these lights.

But how exactly do they work?

For most have on top a photocell that works as a receiver; it captures the moment when natural or artificial light is active on the outside and uses the same light to charge its internal battery. Through this photo sensor, the lamp also detects when to turn on and when to turn off.

Keep in mind that the amount of WATTS or light intensity of these lamps is about 35W to 45W, that means; they do not illuminate much when compared to the ones we use inside our house.

Garden Lights
Garden Lights

But for decorative purposes and not to be constantly in the dark, they are great if they are properly distributed when gardening. The battery used by these lamps is very similar to that of cell phones; so their life time will be much greater than a good phone. Remember that you do not give as much use to a solar lamp as you do with your mobile phone.

Installation of solar garden lights is very easy. There are no equipments required so you also get to save money. All you need is an arrangement of the solar garden lights to make sure they get abundant sunlight during daytime so they can enjoy the whole evening.

More importantly, owners who have children do not have to be anxious over cabling and the dangers that cabling. An example is electrocution which is very common among young children. This no-wiring feature allows them to be easily relocated in case the owner changes his mind or decides to set-up a new design.

Benefits of Solar Lamps in the Garden

Solar garden lights also provide security for our abodes by putting up spots and motion sensor lights to the deception on anyone who attempts to trespass. However, they are likely to contain only an undersized area of ??solar cells and a moderate battery capacity. This explains why solar garden lights are known to give out a little amount of light for a minimal period of time.

But we could never underestimate the development of technology, for batteries and solar cells are fast improving and the newly-manufactured solar lights are better than the previous ones.

The best attribute of a solar garden light is that it is environmentally friendly. It uses the energy from the sun which is a renewable resource.
The burning of fossil fuels and production of CO2 or carbon dioxide are not necessary; including pollutants coupled with the generation of electrical energy by a utility.

The Weak Points of the Solar Garden Lights

The biggest one against having our solar garden lights is their little autonomy time. But we, the team at Decorating Visita Casas, we bring you the most practical solution of all.

The truth is that it is so obvious that many people miss it, but; the lack of autonomy of solar lamps is due to the fact that the battery is practically hollow.

When we compared the weight of a factory battery that has a capacity of 400 mAMP, with which we buy by Internet of 3000 mAMP; the difference was almost 9 grams.

Therefore, do not give up solar lamps because of its little autonomy, in fact; to recharge need 5 to 6 hours while, with a good battery, can illuminate 8 hours without problems.

Decorating with Solar Lights

The decoration with the solar lamps offers to the decorators an instrument that does not depend on a source of current. That is definitely the biggest advantage, being able to locate a luminaire anywhere without having to think about the electricity cables.

LED lights, when providing so little light intensity, are considered a romantic illumination; in a minimalist decorative style, the use of candles placed on candlesticks may not integrate properly.

That’s why we turn to solar lights. They may be loading all morning while the scenery is prepared and, when sunset comes, they automatically turn on; allowing us to appreciate a little more what will be the final result of the scenography.

Another great advantage of these lights without wiring, is that many of them currently come with a remote control, ie; can be turned off and on again with remote control. Many night celebrations require lights located on pillars, but such lights; to give more drama to the scene, they should all be turned off.

At least so have the weddings and some birthdays we, Decorating Visita Casas, we have organized using solar lights for romantic lighting gardens. Although these lights are a little more expensive than the “Automatic”; it is worth the investment when you want to have the alternative of deciding whether to keep the lights on or turn them off.

What Lamps to Buy?

The alternatives are many, it is true, however; if you are looking for beauty and at the same time ensure the safety of the smallest when not using cables, then do not buy the lamps that come with blades. It is true that they are the most economical on the market, 10 of them can only cost USD 35 ; but what sense does it then have that you acquire lights that come with a sharp object then if you are looking for security?

You need to be aware, even if you think the lamps are out of the reach of children; our little ones are expert explorers, if the lamp call their attention, they will find a way to reach it.

To add beauty to your garden but still not compromise the safety of the small ones, there are spherical lamps; this are practically a big toy, so you can be calm when the children go out to play in the yard.

It is also advisable to consider the lamps of more than one LED, although they are a little expensive; in terms of safety, 56 LEDS lamps are the best value/price ratio.

But do not worry about any brand, the integrated circuit is very simple and the quality of the components does not influence the lighting; except in regards to the battery they bring, but you can always buy a new one and still save a little money.


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