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How to Become a Garden Designer

A garden designer is a professional who caters to the feel and look of a garden, lawn, or yard according to his approach in terms of aesthetics and the specifications of the client. It pays a lot to be knowledgeable enough in designing a landscape especially now that it is becoming more distinguished not just […]

How to Choose Exterior Paint Colors

The exterior design of a house means a lot to homeowners because it mirrors the overall design of the house. Likewise, the color scheme plays an important role in enhancing the beauty of an abode. And since first impressions last, so you better decide carefully on how to choose exterior paint colors for your house […]

How to protect your fruit trees from birds

If you own a garden, particularly those with fruit trees, a lot of problems may arise. One of these problems are birds. They would just love to pick fruits from your trees and eventually, if there would be a lot of them then all the fruits will just be taken away. There may be some […]

How to take care of orchid plants

Orchids are some of the most popular plants that you can see in most gardens and floral settings and arrangements. In fact, they form the largest family of flowering plants in the entire world. Who doesn’t love their very alluring and spectacular flowers? Sure, these cute things may not have the fresh, lovely scent like […]

Protecting roses during winter

Rose is one of the most popular flowers in the world. Indeed, I can say it is the most popular type for you can see it everywhere, not only during special occasions but also during ordinary days. I can also say that it’s the most romantic flower, particularly the red ones for they are commonly […]

How to protect garden from frost

Plants are creatures that love the lush warmth of sunlight. It gives them the energy to grow and the key element to complete photosynthesis. That is the main reason why cold climates do not promote plant growth much, although there are many kinds of plants that can withstand cold extremes. If you’re keeping a garden […]

How to take care of bonsai trees

The tradition of bonsai trees is an ancient practice that came from the Japanese. During those times the art of taking care for these seemingly miniature versions of trees are reserved for the elite class, and most especially for the feudal samurai class. It is often considered as a form of art, and commonly symbolizes […]

How to protect your garden from animals

Most of us just love gardening and taking care of plants. Those people who live in countries who have much cooler climate are just getting ready when springtime comes coz this is when they will start plowing once again. Surely, it’s a really great past time to take care of your own garden. But then, […]

Decorating the Home With Preserved Fresh Flowers

Decorating your home with the use of fresh flowers would be a nice idea for you to work on especially during the Thanksgiving and Christmas season. However, fresh flowers do not stay fresh for long and so the decoration may not stay as fresh for an extended period of time. Preserving flowers is one way […]

Welcoming the Spring Season: Suggestive Green Landscaping Ideas

Remodeling can be a very fun and rewarding activity, especially if it’s your first time; and compared to the other three seasons, spring always represents rebirth, and rejuvenation after the long dark and cold winter months. As we all know, this is the season where ice starts to thaw and vegetation starts growing across the […]

A way that the flora is arranged all around the garden

The flora that are available for landscaping around the garden are not just the one that you can plant to the ground; because you can use some kinds of potted plants as well, if it fits the profile for your landscaping design. Some larger shrubs for garden may even be found in pots; and they […]

Nature’s Solemn Breeze Amidst the Urban Jungle: Garden Rooms

Nature has always been the general theme of tranquility, an escape to the modern hustle and bustle of the ever busy industrial world. Today, several homes now adopt this concept, and many people now are joining nature’s bandwagon for a number of different benefits other than the tranquil atmosphere that it can offer. If you […]

Experience Fun and Adventure at Busch Gardens

Busch Gardens located at Tampa Bay consists of all the fascinating aspects of your ideal theme park. It is full of entertainment where all amazing types of roller coasters and rides are present. Busch Gardens even gives you the botanical garden image. In addition to close encounters with its animals, you will surely enjoy your […]

Transform your Garden with Low Voltage Lighting Design

Lighting plays an important role in transforming your carefully designed landscape to a magical place at night. For best results you should start to plan for a landscape lighting design when you plan for the garden layout. Planning side by side for both will help to coordinate and also to avoid any mishaps. You can […]

Fountains: For a Perfect and Beautiful Garden

Any beautiful garden will definitely feature a water body of some kind, of which fountains are the favorite choice. Fountains are comforting, elegant and have the most relaxing and soothing sound. They are the best feature of any garden and add to the beauty and ambience of a garden. The importance of gardens is felt […]

How to Get Rid of Caterpillar from Garden

If you are having problems with caterpillars then maybe you’re one of those who wish they would skip this stage and move on to pupate directly into butterflies. Unfortunately, not all caterpillars become beautiful butterflies. Some species of moths and worms also go thru the caterpillar stage. As all caterpillars are known as voracious feeders […]

How Do I Keep Cats Out of my Mulch?

Cats are lovely, but who wants to maintain a garden that is persistently messed up by cats? Many people become upset because of cats that camp out in their gardens. Cats drink from pond or water basins, eat your plants, bump into furniture, urinate anywhere and specially in carpets, ruins your plants especially your flowers, scratch […]

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