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Spanish Styled furniture is known for its bold elements. Although a lot of influence came from Old Europe for the Spanish furniture makers many centuries ago, it has established and maintained an unambiguous tone. Skillfully carved artwork often adorns the Spanish design. The dominating bedroom furniture is dressed to impress with intricately inlayed carvings. Popular themes of the inlayed artwork include chivalrous matadors, unruly bulls, and expressions of courtship or family. The styling of the legs and tops of the furniture are square and stout – sometimes you’ll find a more demure styling that was adapted from the Italian woodcrafters.

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Spanish style furniture is often painted in vibrant colors. This method has been carried down through the centuries. The painting of the furniture was originally started because sometimes the wood used was not very attractive, even though it was good sturdy wood. This method of using unsightly wood to make beautifully painted furniture is still used today in rural areas. Golden colors are the most popular choice.

Of course, all Spanish pieces are not painted, just like indonesian furniture. Perhaps you’re wondering what is the most common wood used in Spanish style furniture wood crafting. In furniture that isn’t painted, it’s common to find beautiful dark walnut wood being used. Not only does this add to the durability of the furniture, it also gives it a certain boldness and poise. The pretty dark wood underlines the attitude and quality of Spanish style wood crafting.

No matter the foundation of the Spanish piece of furniture, it wouldn’t be complete without added adornments such as metal or wrought iron. Sometimes good quality leather will be used to enhance the woodcraft to give it comfort along with style. What ever your preference in furniture or color is, it should be easy enough to find a good Spanish style piece that can be handed down for many generations to come.

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