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How to Repair Furniture Finish


Most of us just love oil warmers or scents that can be used to make our home much more welcoming and enticing with its good smell and fresh aroma. The smell may be friendly to our noses but what about for our finished furniture?

Fragrant oil warmers that include the ones plugged into electrical outlets can cause extensive damage to our furniture’s finish once it comes contact with it. The fragrant oil eats through the finish and removes the stain. When furniture has been severely damaged, it would be hard to repair it with just a quick, easy, and complete repair. If you are one of those perfectionists, you may just take it to a professional and have it repaired. But then, when it comes to furniture finish damaged with oil fragrant there is an alternative. However, it will not look as good as new but the repair will appear better before it was touched up.

Once again, keep in mind that most furniture finish will not look as good as new when repaired instead of refinished. But when the repair is done carefully, it will look better than it did before it was spilled with fragrant oil. Now, how do we repair our furniture finish? How do we make it look better before the stain is removed?

• Follow product instructions
For best results, follow product label instructions for finishing products.

• Check the color
When unsure of a particular color or sheen, use it in a small area underneath the furniture to make sure it matches as it is desired.

• Buy a bottle of scratch repair
To repair furniture damaged by fragrant oil, you will need a bottle of Old English brand scratch repair for light or dark wood. This high quality product will stain the wood. And although it is designed to cover simple scratches, if the color is similar to your furniture finish, it may also do the repair. This can be very affordable for you as well coz you’ll be able to save money.

• Choose and Apply
Choose a scratch repair shade that is slightly lighter than the furniture stain requiring repair. It can be applied more than once to darken the shade of the appropriate hue. If Old English is not available, visit a local home improvement store or an online retailer, and purchase a kit with several color options.

Now that we had found an alternative that which can surely save our time and money, then there should be no more worries. But next time, we should just watch out for those oil fragrance oils not that we should stop buying them anymore, but let’s just keep them away from our very sensitive and highly valued finished furniture.

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