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10 Instant Solution for Storage Benches for Kids Room

Storage Benches


Fighting disorder in your children’s room is something that will never end until they move out of the house. It is a way that life has to take our toll for all the times our mother had to pick up our mess. But there is a very practical and definitive solution: Storage benches.

It is not an accessory, nor a piece of furniture, much less a gadget; is a combination of the three and many more. At Decorating Visita Casas we love furniture that can cover many functions; and one of the marvels of a storage bench is that it can be a great decorative piece. What do you think if we analyze the possibilities?

Disappearing Disorder in Seconds

Storage Benches
Storage Benches

[one_half_first]A room decor that can help clean up the clutter of toys that are scattered on the floor in seconds. Of course, it is not something automatic that will collect the toys by itself (I wish it were so); But it can be used to instill discipline, good manners and the courage to be ordained. [/one_half_first][one_half_last][/one_half_last]

Toys thrown on the floor inevitably end up being trampled and mistreated, thus losing their beauty and lifespan much faster. A basic trunk, although does not keep in order or classified the toys inside it; beautifully preserves its colors and textures.

This furniture works well even if you have a room theme; In fact, it works best when you have a theme in the room because it is a large add-on. Of course, they can also be very discreet; everything will depend on how it is designed from the outside. And this is where Decorating Visita Casas stands out more; customizing a storage bench is something we love.

Storage Benches
Storage Benches

Have the opportunity to explore the creativity of children and; together decide what concept would be best for that magic trunk that keeps all the toys is phenomenal!

Therefore, although it is true that there are many designs already prefabricated; it is best to buy a base furniture and customize it as you like your child. Not to mention of course, you can even build one with your own hands. Let’s first evaluate how to customize them and then move on to our own carpentry work, do you think?

Customizing the storage bench

At the time of personalization, your imagination in combination with that of your child; are the ones that set limits.

Beyond a beautiful coat of paint, there are techniques such as:

  • Stickers
  • Decoupage
  • Toile de Jouy
  • Carving the wood

They all require creativity, dedication and time; and all are just as comforting when we can see the finished work finished.

We personally recommend that you use letters in a big way; Paint them very creatively and then glue them to the trunk. Use words like “Toys Here” or even the name of your child.

That way you will not only have an educational and interactive piece; But something that will make you develop your sense of belonging and reading ability.

What if I want to buy something elegant?

Go forward! Just remember that smart is not necessarily synonymous with expensive.

It is true that complete sets are sold for the baby’s room; these sets grow with your child and one of the furniture included in a trunk.

However, unlike the crib; In fact no other furniture can be resized to adapt to the needs of your baby as he grows.

Yes it is true that all belong to the same set, offers a homogeneity that you could not match so easily. But he thinks it’s not about your room.

Storage Benches
Storage Benches

In order to stimulate a good development of the child’s creativity, the combination of colors and interactive options should be part of his life.

That is why if you want to buy an elegant piece, perhaps the antique or second hand stores are the best option. We’re not talking about an economy anymore, no. It is not about saving a few dollars; it is about giving our child an environment different from the outside world.

So much order, so much homogeneity, in short, a serious decoration; it might not always be the best option. A great vintage trunk that you can restore together is a better choice.

Storage Benches

Sometimes it does not matter if the new moves will keep the decor; what is really important is to add diversity. And in our differences lies our magic as human beings; if we are all different, why use the same trunk and the same decoration in general?

Even if you are the kind of person who prefers to spend their money on solutions because it is the most practical or because it is what you choose. Even so you can be creative in choosing the new furniture for your child’s room.

Making the Storage Bench

Storage Benches
Storage Benches

When you build the storage bench yourself you will have a great choice; and is to be able to make the furniture a more functional step than it normally would be.

It is true that we could buy cubes organizers that would perfectly fit inside the trunk; However, when we construct it ourselves, all these elements can be added in a way more in accordance with our vision.

At Decorating Visita Casas we were once faced with this situation; we wanted to do something really meaningful but with a very tight budget. It was then when we remembered the old cradle that was in the garage; Very ugly to give or donate and it did not make sense to restore it since there was no baby in the house.

It was a second-hand crib that had time in the garage; and a friend who had serious problems to make her son more orderly. Seeing the bed in which the child slept, something was familiar to us, his bed had a finish very similar to that of the crib! So, what used to be a crib, became a storage bench.

You should not complicate much the situation, using the lateral parts of an old cradle, chair or even the back of a bed; you can build a decorative base from a convenient storage bench.

The boards that make up the frame that will be trunk are secondary; these will be decorated, painted or stamped; but that recycled centerpiece will be the column of your new piece of furniture.

Make sure you do things yourself at home! You’d be surprised to know how much money you can save if you start living by applying the DIY philosophy.

What to do when your child does not want to use the Storage Benches?

Again comes into play one of the best tools: creativity.

Even through an innocent lie, preferably those used in games using the imagination; we can teach our child the importance of keeping their toys.

Movies like Toy Story and Barbie movies; Teach many values ??to children regarding the care of their toys. We are not telling you to let T.V do the work; but you could watch the movies with them and tell them about the importance of keeping their toys to protect them.

Storage Benches
Storage Benches

Remember that, as it is an interactive furniture, the idea is to have a fun form; that prompts the child to touch it and even play with it or on it (or below, depends on how you have built it).

Just take a little patience and take time to teach your child how to play healthy. Remember that discipline is developed with dedication and repetition of the same activity. If it becomes very complicated, then you can go to tutorial Montessori educational method; there you will find great tips that will help you apply effective methods that encourage discipline and healthy fun.


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