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Synthesizing Old Unused Cloth for Home Decor


It’s another day of inspecting the cluttered and accumulated articles in the attic, and while not everything can be directly useful, almost anything can be worked in one way or another to be useful, depending on your creativity on will to work out the huge stock pile of mess gathered around. You’ve probably worked your way around until your see several sheets of unused fabric lying around or conveniently tucked in one of the cardboard boxes. Let’s suppose that you already have enough curtains for each and every window decoration that you can think of and won’t necessarily need the fabric anytime in the future, what would you do then? I good suggestion to turn them into wall décor!

Creating wall décor out of old unused fabric may seem like an unorthodox way and is quite bizarre as opposed to more conventional ways like paint jobs, wallpaper arrangements or hanging other types of décor and painting to your walls, but for the ever increasing demand for more innovative home decoration ideas, I believe that this would be an exciting choice for you to make.

We have to know first what kind of fabric you are going to use. No, we don’t really have to mind the kind of fabric to be used, but rather, the default design on the fabric. It would generally be easier to use a fabric with a default design on it, although this is not to say that you should not used plainly colored fabric for this kind of decoration.

For the fabrics with default design, you’ll have to know the environment of them room where you’re going to place the fabric. Is it a child’s room? Is it an adolescent’s bedroom? Or is it the living room itself? You’ll really want to match that pattern for the design to fit perfectly in that room. For fabrics with a generic coloring to them, then you may directly apply them to any room that would compliment the color of the fabric, and then we’ll proceed to the cloth folding process.

Because either way, there will be some folding techniques to use in order for them to look any stylish at all. For regular streaming designs, you’ll just have to fold them at equal lengths to either the upper, lower or middle side of the whole fabric. During the entire “course” there will be some points where you’ll have to folder the fabric around to create a wreath or a complex ribbon, either using the same streaming fabric or cutting the fabric separately. Check out some of the folding techniques for fabrics used in ceremonies, e.g. at weddings for you to have a basic idea on how to fold them nicely.

For any kind of basic folding that you’ll apply, it is recommended to use a flat iron if you want to evenly flatten out the folded areas for a nice looking finish, but you can also choose the free flowing type of finish to suit your preference. Ultimately, if your fabric size can’t fit the streaming idea, then you can just stop for the wreaths and ribbons, be sure to pin them on the walls nicely though.

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  1. Congrats for initializing a great concept. It is a great idea to recycle old and unused piece of articles for home decor. Using old rags for wall decoration is a crazy idea. I would love to follow your post for my home decoration and would also like to recommend your post to a friend of mine who is shifting to a new home. Thanks.

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