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Taking a Furniture’s Splendor to the Next Level: Kincaid Furniture

If you are into fine wood furniture, then surely you have seen and heard the name Kincaid. Kincaid is now one of the pioneers of modern U.S. Furniture’s; Earning its reputation as a solid and reliable name when it comes to furniture service. The company had its humble origins with just five employees on the entire company. George and Wade Kincaid, at that time, began making furniture such as cedar chests and wardrobes in a small building located in North Carolina.

As it was in the modern industrial era, they were not the first furniture makers in the area. In fact, for the next decades to come, North Carolina will be known as one of the hubs of furniture manufacturing business; with almost 60% of all furniture distributed across the country manufactured right at this place. Consequently, this has become one of the tourist attractions in the area; and visitors often stop by furniture shops to look around and find some great furniture deals.

Good quality, traditional styling and moderate price

[one_half_first]Kincaid dictates to its customers. Despite the fact that Kincaid changes its styles from time to time, the furniture that is manufactured is never trendy. Meaning, you are assured that your furniture will not bland in just a few years. It is really difficult to speak only of a Kincaid collection, they have all proven to be wonderful. [/one_half_first][one_half_last][/one_half_last]

That is why, when you want to highlight the magic of these furniture, we must talk about something else. The vision and the truth behind their success, that’s it, the nature with their furniture is made. As they themselves says:

Kincaid furniture it’s not a purchase you make, it’s a promise we make to you.

Kincaid Furniture Manufacturing


Much is said about the manufacture of this type of furniture. Despite being solid wood, great care is required when moving them; Even for those who just buy a Kincaid furniture, this condition may seem strange to them. Or at least we live here in Decorating Visita Casas. When you live the university years, the least you want is a solid piece of furniture.

Then the same thing happens in your first rented apartment; most important is lightness and economy. But to have furniture of the category that only Kincaid can offer; we then notice what it really means to start building a home.

Kincaid does not use plating, all pieces of furniture are constructed of solid wood; and that is the best way to identify an imitation.

The “negative” detail of this type of wood is that it is very prone to cracks or scratches if not treated with care. But it is illogical to think that a piece of furniture is a “bad piece of furniture” just because it cannot withstand this kind of abuse.

However, always given importance to the opinion of consumers and the rhythm of life of the household; now you can get furniture from different Kincaid stress-resistant collections.

Even some Kincaid furniture have begun to use other materials than solid wood; But never, ever, will you find an original Kincaid piece made with plating.

Lifetime Warranty


The lifespan of Kincaid furniture is measured not in years, but in generations. Their collections can be classified as timeless since; despite the progress and modernization of the decoration, a Kincaid furniture decorative concept is still one of the best options.

So if you want to make a real investment and show your grandchildren how to make good use of the money earned; then you should buy a Kincaid collection.

Variety of Collections and Styles


It is too difficult not to extend when you want to cover so many collections. Over 4 generations, Kincaid has been one of the few brands that have been renovated and reinvented itself.

Their style is unmistakable, but the differences from one collection to another are so marked that they simply leave us speechless.

One of its less opulent and yet magnificent collections that here at Decorating Visita Casas we recommend you for its relation beauty / quality / price; is the Elise collection.

We came across a collection built using old techniques (which are the best ones) like the English Dovetails and multi-step hand-rubbed finishes.

All with a very discreet finish and a color so warm that is simply able to turn any stay into a home. The Elise collection is made of solid Appalachian maple; but the character Kincaid achieved with this collection is due to the wax lacquer implemented in each of the pieces.

One of the most wonderful pieces of this collection and that fits the extroverted life of every family today; is your Aura Cocktail Table.


Not only do we speak of a piece that stands out for its uniqueness, many would even say that it is not a Kincaid piece. And it is that in this table we will find a glass top and a mirror in the bottom supported by a metallic frame; But what surprises of this piece, is the circular form of its stop.

At first it was difficult to conceive of it as a work by Kincaid, but then, upon seeing more elements of the collection integrated into a decoration with the Elise concept; we fully understand the purpose of their designers and simply love them.

Create Your Own Collection

Of course, instead of talking about the Elise, Foundry, Montreat or Cherry Park collection; there is another element Kincaid offers us today, and is to be able to create our own collection, our own furniture.

It seems like a dream come true, and you do not need to be a company employee or write them a letter; nor is it a promotion or contest. On their website, Kincaid has the option of building your own piece of furniture.

With different insoles and a very intuitive system, you can order a sofa or furniture with the indications that you have given and they will assemble for you.

What other company of this caliber offers that kind of service?

More than a piece of furniture, a work of art


In conclusion, Kincaid furniture is more than just commercial pieces meant to occupy a space in our living room or bedroom.

The creative geniuses behind their collections are more than cabinet makers looking to fill their pockets for money.

Every Kincaid product is a work of art in itself. Combining beauty and functionality, Kincaid offers us furniture packed with positive energies perfect for the home.

Although they work with solid wood, their furniture upholstered in immaculate white is extremely famous; As well as highly quoted, as is the case of each of the pieces of the Artisan’s Shoppe collection.

It’s time to put aside cheap, disposable and uncomfortable furniture. Start building your home and your legacy for generations to come; and start with the


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