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The aesthetic beauty of past can be retained through WidePlank Flooring


Wide Plank Flooring is so awesome because; with the perfect quality of wood used, the stability as well as the durability is really dependable in whatever season will come. It does not only trade in its natural beauty and offers a healthy environment and a lot of advantages; but they also play a very important role portraying how to preserve national resources.

When it comes to installation, you’ll never go wrong as they have the do-it-yourself instruction; or you can have someone professionally provided by knowledge of the job. On this occasion, and promoting our DIY philosophy; we bring you several indications that you will surely find fascinating when choosing and installing your Wide Plank Floor.

From the Forest to Our Lives

[one_half_first]We open this article by saying that the Wide Plank Floor plays an important role in preserving our national natural resources. It is true that the way to obtain the wood is through the deforestation, then how can this logging benefit the environment? Well I want to talk to you, before giving you the tips for your Wide Plank Flooring; of one of the many cases that Wide Plank benefits our reserves.[/one_half_first][one_half_last][/one_half_last]

The white pine of New England (the one that grows really straight); is one of the main materials of category that are used to elaborate the Wide Plank.

It has a relatively short span of 150 to 180 years; it is for this reason that cutting it when it has reached maturity, is good for the forest.

In addition, lots are cut during the winter months, when the soil is frozen; Thus avoiding to cause greater impact on the forest floor.

And a fascinating detail of this beautiful material; is that the floor of a house built with it can have a life span of 350 years. And this is how the ecosystem is cared for in one of the many forests that are cleared so that we can enjoy the warmth and security of our homes.

About the Installation

There is great controversy regarding the process of acclimatization of planks; but what everyone agrees on is that you should never start the installation until you receive the planks.

According to the season in which you are, you should really take into account how much the acclimatization process will be; remember that you are not dealing with MDF or a simple HDF.

If due to the weather you use both the air conditioner and the dehumidifier; then the acclimatization time might necessarily be longer.

The best way to become real aware of when to install your Wide Plank Floor; Is using moisture meters to make sure that moisture between the sub floor and the planks does not exceed 2%.

Ask specific information to the manufacturer of the planks and practice the patience; the waiting time can go from 24 – 48 hours to 1 – 2 weeks. And the best way to keep the planks in the room during the acclimatization process; Is about small acclimation sticks, depending on the length of the planks we recommend 3 – 4 for the air to flow correctly.

Fighting moisture at a second level

It is necessary to use the plastic barrier to combat steam. This usually black color protection (depending on your country); Prevents any remaining moisture in the concrete from permeating our new floor.

It usually also helps acoustics, but that happens more on the thin wood floors.

Preparing the sub floor before installation

Wide Plank

Before and during installation, the sub floor should be carefully examined to make sure there are no nails, screws, paint, grease, dust; Nor any other element that may maltreat or damage the new floor in the long term.

Remember that you must always install from a corner of a wall to the door; so you avoid getting locked up while you work. It is also important that, during installation; Vacuum the ground as many times as you consider necessary.

Another critical area that must be prepared with diligence is the space that must exist between the new wide planks and the wall; the measurements are not standard, so check the manufacturer’s instructions.

Just know that for all soils a minimum distance is required for wood expansion.

The common method of installation

Wide Plank

The most common method of installation is by applying special glue to the planks by the face with channels; And after having fixed it to the sub floor, a pneumatic nail gun can be used to fire nails into the planks along the wall while the glue sits.

After this first group of nails, proceed to introduce another set every 4-6 inches through the tongue of the plank and diagonally.

Remember that it is extremely important, if the wide planks go on a sub floor of cement; do not pierce with the nails the vapor barrier.

The first row will always be the most important, however; Care must be taken to the rest of the rows. Always have a rubber mallet, never use your feet to secure a row of wide planks to the other.

Other Methods

When the sub floor is thick enough and if you do not have the right tools to do a job accurately; the wide planks can be screwed directly vertically.

For this it is necessary to use a drill and to realize holes of the size of the head of the screws where this will be placed; generally every 4 “.

By doing this, we can screw in such a way that the screws will not be below ground level. To disappear the holes that will remain along the length and width of the floor; we will use small repair plugs similar to cork.

These plugs have a surface very similar to the grain of the wood and can be bought according to the type of planks that are being used. To cut it you must use japan pull saw.

Very well you should know that we do not all have the right tools at home to do a complete job; But you should not go to a professional.

If you are really short of budget, then you can apply this method; is just as effective and the work can be done even faster than using the nails through the tongues.

Conclusions about the Wide Plank Flooring

Maintenance will never be a problem because the wide plank floor can retain its beauty for the long years; even without need of preserving it because they are not requiring daily maintenance to preserve the unique characteristic that reflects to life.

So, do not doubt it; the aesthetic beauty of past can be retained and preserved through Wide Plank Flooring. It is a very distinctive and unique flooring investment close to the heart of nature.

Bring the historical appearance together with application of antique is the simplest way of showing the beauty and versatility of our resources.

And once installed, comes the same equally important step: The decoration. And guess what! We have many articles on Decorating Visit Homes that talk about it.


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