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Wide-Plank Flooring for your home


How does a Wide-Plank Flooring differ among many synthetic types of flooring now a day? Some says it is quite same as the usual laminate flooring. But did you know that as you learn each day, you will able to realize that all of them function differently from one another? Maybe, they have the same procedure of installation but definitely different in kind, quality, nature and purpose. Wide-Plank Flooring is considered the timeless beauty because of its design; it provides a historic resemblance of a house for a decade year. And now, the heritage is within our reach through the help of WidePlank Flooring. Much more with a price of laminate flooring, but it can add up elegance to our home. Surely, it can give you a distinctive modern type of investment.

Wide-plank flooring systems

It is bigger in size than normal laminate flooring. This traditional hardwood floor and wood floor signifies the symbol of sophistication and travels back to the earlier time. It also symbolizes the antiquity but with the advancements in technologies. The Wide Plank Flooring requires reaching the wood 100 year of age prior they harvest. But the finest quality of wood being used for that is coming from the reclaimed or a recycled wood from the old one. A lot of characteristic are present with the old growth tree than the newly harvest. With the size of standard regular widths and lengths helped to prevent end to end seams in the floor that would definitely give more authentic floor.

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  1. Wide plank flooring has character and unmatched beauty because these planks are milled from older trees that have taken years to develop. Wide plank flooring symbolizes antiquity and cannot be successfully replicated by the modern hardwood flooring industry. It therefore remains unrivaled by modern flooring designs.

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